The Food Revolution – AHS 2011 – By Andreas Eenfeldt (Transcript)

And if you want to take a look at these reviews, you can find these studies which links to them at my English site Some might be wondering what about the cholesterol because it’s true that avoiding fat and avoiding butter is going to lower your cholesterol but the thing is it turned out to be not quite so easy because it’s the HDL that’s mostly good cholesterol and that’s a bad thing. Also, (inaudible) the LDL particles which is also a bad thing. So it’s not really good for your cholesterol and in Sweden, lot of authorities are starting to acknowledge this in public in the papers such as a professor called [John Burgler] said this in Sweden’s biggest paper, “Two generations of Swedes have been given bad dietary advice and they have avoided fat for no reason. It’s time to rewrite the dietary guidelines and base them on modern science”. That’s also give to everyone a guideline, professor Burgler says it’s because he has been doing this kind of research.

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