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The Food Revolution – AHS 2011 – By Andreas Eenfeldt (Transcript)

And if you want to take a look at these reviews, you can find these studies which links to them at my English site DietDoctor.com/science. Some might be wondering what about the cholesterol because it’s true that avoiding fat and avoiding butter is going to lower your cholesterol but the thing is it turned out to be not quite so easy because it’s the HDL that’s mostly good cholesterol and that’s a bad thing. Also, (inaudible) the LDL particles which is also a bad thing. So it’s not really good for your cholesterol and in Sweden, lot of authorities are starting to acknowledge this in public in the papers such as a professor called [John Burgler] said this in Sweden’s biggest paper, “Two generations of Swedes have been given bad dietary advice and they have avoided fat for no reason. It’s time to rewrite the dietary guidelines and base them on modern science”. That’s also give to everyone a guideline, professor Burgler says it’s because he has been doing this kind of research.

Another example, another professor is saying this, “People have been recommending low-fat diets but through the years, then it turns out to be completely wrong. There is no proof in correlation between saturated fats and cardiovascular disease,” and the third example, another professor, especially cardiovascular researcher said this, “It’s time to face the facts. There is no connection between saturated fats and cardiovascular disease”. So question is who cares about this? Is it just academic discussions or does it have any practical, no meaning? Well, the fear of cholesterol and saturated fats, that’s the foundation over the last decades of dietary advice and that when the foundation falls, the entire low-fat advice falls. So this is a fact, I would say, and it’s time to stop giving this advice.

There might be a paradigm shift going on. Like in science, in the 17th century people believed that the earth was the center of the universe and then came to know that wasn’t quite like that, was the opposite, we circled around the sun. It took it quite a long time for the scientists to acknowledge this, so it takes some time. And that’s the paradigm shift that I think is starting now. And this is what’s going to happen I think. We used to think that saturated fat is bad and now we are going to see that it’s safe to eat. We used to think that carbohydrates are good. We might see that it can become a problem that too much of it can they get fat and sick. And looking at the science of low-carb, it’s interesting. I am going to talk about two different things for weight loss and for diabetes.

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Starting with weight loss, it usually – now people are saying it doesn’t really matter what you eat, it’s all about the calories. But it turns out when you actually test fats, it’s not that simple because in studies time after time, low-carb turns out to give you more weight also on average. This is after one year and this is up to two years, statistically significant void, the low-fat advice but on the difference tricks of it, but when you have bad compliance at the end so and if you look at shorter trials where the compliances are still good, then low-carb is destroying the competition with weight, more weight loss in study after study.

In fact, if you look at the all randomized controlled trials where they found statistically significant difference, this is good. The result is 14 of them what do you think it’s going to be, how many for low carb, how many for low fat? It’s actually 14 to zero, low fat hasn’t got a single one and if you want to see the studies they are online whole page as well and – but I find this very disturbing because today obese patients are given the ineffective advice to avoid fat and calories and what happens when the patients fail to lose weight using this bad advice? Do they get a more effective advice? Do you think? No, is that we conclude that they are lazy, hopeless gluttons and we kept away their stomach to stop them from eating.

So gastric bypass surgery is becoming one of the most common operations in the world and I think we need the reality check very soon because these are helping organizations that they are removing, and that, it’s like trying to surgically adapt our bodies to the industrial food. How about first giving people some help to follow a more effective advice that might help them to lose weight, avoiding sugar and starch? This is a Norwegian friend of mine called Ronnie Mathisen in Paris a few years ago. Since then he’s lost quite a lot of weight eating low-carb high fat diet. And he made a movie using before and after pictures that he has allowed us to see. So this is before and you can see something is happening. Now Ronnie is eating all the food he wants, only avoiding sugar and starch. You can see the fat melting away. Quite interesting, you can see from the side, the fat melting away with no voluntary calorie restriction, eating all the real food he wants.

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Now we can do this in a reverse. And it becomes a nice metaphor I think for western population eating more sugar and starch and they are adapted to handle regularly. This is what happened to America. Problem, too sugar and starch and the solution is to get rid of the sugars and starch and this is what happens. So I’ve shown you a picture of Ronnie in Paris a few years ago. This is Ronnie in Paris last week, looking good and feeling great. Now today Ronnie is not in Paris any more, he is in America in Los Angeles and he is sitting right over here. So if you want to have some tips on how to lose weight with no hunger, you can ask Ronnie. Or you can take a look at my page DietDoctor.com/LCHF, a totally free guide.

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