The Food Revolution – AHS 2011 – By Andreas Eenfeldt (Transcript)

Anyway this curve, this result is still healthy according to the guidelines. If I was diabetic, it would have looked even worse. It might shock off the slide. So which kind of diet do you think you can recommend to diabetics? Because this one is not allowed according to dietitians but I think this is what diabetics should eat. And that my patients eating food like that do great in my experience. But that’s not the kind of advice that they get from doctors and from dietitians today. This is a free brochure in Swedish, it says food for diabetics and you can see there is a lot of food here and I mean paleo friends might think differently but I think that’s not the best kind of food for diabetics at least. And I think many of you would agree and it’s just kind of worse when you look in the brochure because it says that foods that raise the blood sugar slowly is good. For example, food, rice, pasta, potatoes and bread which as you remember is exactly the kind of food that was strictly forbidden a 100 years ago, exactly the kind of food that ends up in the blood stream as glucose and raises your blood sugar.

So you just saw that it raises the blood sugar, so who gives out these free brochures, do you think? In this case, it’s a drug company which is kind of interesting because what do the drug companies sell? Medicines for lowering your blood sugar and then when they give out free brochures that raise with advice that raised the blood sugar, the patients are going to get sicker and they will need more medication and the drug companies are going to make more money.

So I think this is a big problem and I think we have a lot of problems in the society today and the question I guess is this, how do we change this? It seems like it’s a hard thing to do because there is a lot of interest – lot of economic interest in this, it’s not just the pharmaceutical companies, it’s not the companies making the low-fat products, the food, and even the USDA, but US Department of Agriculture are giving out set of guidelines for every American and I don’t think that the Department of Agriculture is going to stop recommending range any time soon. So I don’t think we are going to get change from these players. I think change will have to come from the bottom, from people like us.

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So how? Well, I am a believer in a viral kind of spreading of these ideas, meaning that if we have an idea, a method that works well enough and we get people to try it and they feel better and lose weight, they are going to tell their friends and their friends are going to ask them how they did it and it’s going to spread like a viral infection, but a good one. So that’s the main thing I think. And the most of course we can the media and why not new media like blogs, conferences like these, books and why not papers and the TV because (inaudible) they love story is about losing weight to getting health by diet change. So I think they are going to pick up on these and I am sure they are already doing that.

And maybe we could think something about the message. I am a big believer in the fact that – I think that the paleo community and the low-carb community can learn a lot from each other and benefits from each other. So just try to sense about this, I think it’s a good thing to focus on the health aspect, it’s not just the weight loss, this is for health. And we have lots of studies to show this. Also like a lot of people are saying now it’s a good thing to focus on real food and here I think the low-carb community has a lot to learn from paleo, because there is a lot – there is a big problem with low-carb especially in America in my experience. Dreamfields pasta, and it is of course not the only problem but it’s a very good example of the problem because this is marketed as a low-carb pasta, only it’s made from wheat like any pasta.

How is this possible? Well, they have a patent-pending process they say for making the pasta, the wheat un-digestible, so most of these carbs are going to be protected and they are going to pass through your system and only small amount of carbs are going to be absorbed. And this sounds too good to be true. In fact, I know it’s too good to be true because I tested this pasta myself and it didn’t work although you don’t have to take my word for it, because this is such a good example because this has been tested by real scientists. In a very nice journal called Diabetic Care, actually some low-carb researchers were surprised by this idea that you can eat pasta as the low carb diet. So they wanted to get the data from the company to take a look but they wouldn’t give it out.

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So they had to test it themselves and they used [Campbell] and there’s who ate the Dreamfields pasta and regular pasta at different times. And they checked the blood sugar, you know what they found, they didn’t find any difference whatsoever which is amazing to me. [Carl Factor] says I think it’s not carb fact, I think it’s a carb fiction, I think it’s fairytale for people who want to eat pasta on their low-carb diets. Of course, they want to believe it. And there is lots of these low-carb fairy tales out there. Really quickly, for examples, this is bread made from wheat flour and it’s called low-carb bread, I’d say it’s a high carb bread.

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