The Food Revolution – AHS 2011 – By Andreas Eenfeldt (Transcript)

Here we have an ice cream and actually really some sugar and lots of sugar, I’d say that’s a high carb product and even the Atkins company are disgracing themselves by selling Atkins cookies. You know what the biggest ingredients in these cookies are? Can you guess? It’s is wheat flour and another big ingredient is sugar alcohols. So it’s basically all carbs and this is a low-carb company selling high-carb cookies. Not good. I think we really have to focus on real foods like meat, fish, vegetables, and perhaps if you dare, butter. So I think this kind of dieting really helps a lot of people to regain their health and eat good food compared to the old advice that I think today mostly benefits corporations that make a lot of money from the status quo.

Finally, I think it’s good to focus on the fact that this is based on new science, science showing that works as opposed to the old science that said the low-fat diets would protect us from heart disease, and it didn’t work. And here I think the paleo community can benefit somewhat from the studies on low-carb because like someone lecturer said before, there is some NICE trials on paleo diets but they are pretty few, they’re quite few and pretty small. So there is a lot more science when it comes to carb restrictions for weight loss and for diabetes. And I think we are not used to that. And I think it’s a good thing like I would have said that yesterday to not to get revenges about, not to get dramatic but try to continuously update our knowledge and improving and learning from each other and by making our idea as close to perfect as possible. If we do that, I don’t think we need to fear this resistance to change. I don’t think we need to fear the cause like (inaudible).

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All the forces in the world are not so powerful as an idea this time has come. And we have said, I want to leave you with the story of Ken Jacobson. Now Ken had got type 2 diabetes early in life in this forties and he gained a lot of weight, weighed 250 pounds and he got heart disease. He got heart attack after heart attack and he had seven of them. He needed a coronary bypass surgery to get new vessels to get oxygen to his heart and he needed 12 drugs every day just to control his risk factors, it was a chronic pain, he was feeling tired all the time and life was becoming pretty miserable.

Until one day little more than a year ago, when he went to the store to get food, and for some reason he started talking to a guy he didn’t know, by their counter, and they started to talk about doctor. Now this man told Kenneth that he and his wife had been eating LCHF, low-carb, high fat for life and lost a lot of weight, they felt great, and even more interesting, his wife had got rid of her diabetes. So Kenneth was intrigued by this, he got an address through the internet and he went home to read the same night. And the next day, he started to eat real food except no sugar and no starch.

Now a little more than a year later, Kenneth, he doesn’t weigh 250 pounds anymore, he weighs 185, he doesn’t need 12 drugs a day, he’s down to one. And then when he went to the doctor early this summer to get a check-up, he had normal blood pressure, he had a good cholesterol profile and even normal blood sugar with no medication. So his values were perfect. And now he enjoys his biggest interest in life, he rides his motorcycle again.

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Now as a doctor in my practice, I see similar cases all the time and this is important because across the world, millions of people, if not hundreds of millions of people like Kenneth could start eating real food and improving their health. The good news is I think that soon they would do that. I believe it because the evidence is here now. The paradigm shift is coming and people like us can make it happen. So we can change the world. Thank you.

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