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Full Transcript: Tim Cook at Apple WWDC 2019 Keynote

For that, we can drag in a custom component we created earlier and drop it right at the top. Now, even with this little amount of code, SwiftUI already provides default support for really common features like localization for right to left languages and, of course, iOS 13’s new Dark Mode. All right.

Now, let’s make this interactive so that when we select a row in the table, we will display a name for the theme. Now, we are ready to test it out and with just a click, we can go from designing our app to interacting with it, right in XCode.

Now, testing within XCode is incredible, but I want to try it on a device too, so with just one more click we can now install it on our phone and be ready to try it out there.

So, let’s try farms or maybe food. That’s great but what’s really incredible about this is that we can start to edit it live right on the device. So, SwiftUI includes built in support for animated transitions.

So, let’s see some options and pick a cool one for the top. Now, this time when we choose a name it is going to animate in. So, let’s say deserts or maybe beaches. That’s better, but we all know that product marketing chooses these names randomly, so to get a feel that matches that reality, let’s wrap our banner in a custom randomizer component that I built earlier to help us pick a name and now we are ready to choose the next name for macOS.

That one is not great. Let’s try one more.

Cute animals seem promising. Well, that one is perfect.

All right. So, because SwiftUI includes built in support for integrating with other Apple frameworks, I thought it would be fun to use the new RealityKit framework to envision the release of MacOS 10, Flying Squirrel. It looks like it’s going to be amazing. That’s a Quick Look at building user interfaces with SwiftUI and XCode previews.

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You are going to love it.

Craig Federighi – SVP, Software Engineering, Apple Inc.

What do you think?

Now, I’m sure that many of you are really excited to adopt SwiftUI in your apps and the good news is you can do it starting with a single view all the way up to a whole application. And this isn’t just for building iOS apps. For the first time ever, we now have a native framework for building Watch apps as well.

But not just that. SwiftUI is available across all of our platforms and it provides bindings to all of the native controls so you can customize your experiences specifically for each, all while using a common API. It’s incredibly powerful.

Now, that’s just some of our big news for developers this morning.

I want to thank you all for spending the time with me. You are so awesome. I’m going to hand it back to Tim.

Thank you.

Tim Cook – CEO, Apple Inc.

Thank you, Craig.

What an incredible morning! Have you enjoyed it?

Yeah. Today – today we moved all of our software platforms forward, providing customers new ways to enrich their lives and powerful tools to developers so they can continue to change the world.

All of the platforms will be available as a beta today. And the public seed for macOS, iOS and iPad iOS will be available in July, and, of course, all of this great software will be available to our users in the fall.

Now, you will also be able to get an early look at the new MacPro and the Pro Display XDR in our Pro Studio just across the street. I encourage you to do that.

We have a huge week planned for you guys, with more than one hundred sessions, more than two hundred hands on labs, and over a thousand Apple engineers that are here to help you. So, seek them out.

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We can’t wait to see what you guys are going to dream up and how you are going to continue to change the world.

Now, before I close this morning, I would like to thank everyone that worked so hard at Apple on all of the products that you saw this morning. These guys have given up their nights and weekends from their families and so on and so forth, and many of these innovations are years in the making.

So, thank you. Let’s give them a round of applause.


Thank you all for coming and sharing the time with us. Have a great week.

Thank you.

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