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Full Transcript: Tim Cook at Apple WWDC 2019 Keynote

So, with new developer tools and a new native UI framework coming this year, we are enabling a whole new generation of apps for Watch.

Now, to make it even easier for you to discover these apps, we are excited to bring the App Store to Apple Watch. You can browse apps curated by our editorial team or find favorite apps like Head Space or Carrot Weather or Streaks, the Nike Run Club.

You can search the full App Store using dictation or scribble or just asking Siri. And you can view product pages to see information like the app description, reviews, screenshots. And finally, you can purchase and install an app directly on your Watch.

So, discovering and using apps at Apple Watch is going to be better than ever with the App Store and these really great developer tools.

Now, we are also adding new health and fitness capabilities and to tell you about some of these, I would like to invite to the stage Dr. Sumbul Desai, our VP of Health, to the stage. Sumbul?

Dr. Sumbul Desai – VP of Health, Apple

Thanks, Kevin.

Apple Watch is an amazing health and fitness partner, and in watchOS 6 we are adding even more features to empower you to better manage your health starting with activity.

Being physically active is one of the most important things you can do for your health. If it were a prescription, it would actually be one of the most prescribed medicines in the world.

The Activity app on Apple Watch already motivates you to stay active. It also lets you know how active you are every single day, but knowing how active you are over the long-term is just as important. It gives you a sense of your overall fitness.


So, in watchOS 6 we are introducing Activity Trends. For nine key metrics it will compare your progress over the last 90 days with the last 365. If the trends show that you are maintaining or improving, you will see an arrow pointing up, and that’s great; keep doing what you are doing.

But if you are trending downward, we will give you simple coaching to get you back on track. You will see trends for familiar metrics like move, exercise, and stand, but you will also see trends for some new metrics like your workout walking pace, flights of stairs climbed or even your cardio fitness level.

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Activity Trends will provide you with a more complete picture of what you can do to stay active and even more importantly, give you the motivation you need for long-term success.

Now, let’s talk about your hearing health. Your hearing is a precious asset. Think about the sounds that surround you every day, hearing a friend’s laughter, listening to your favorite song. Protecting your hearing is critical to living your everyday life and maintaining your independence as you age.

Since hearing loss is often so gradual, it’s important to know when the sounds around you are loud enough to impact your hearing. Like when you are in the middle of a construction zone, at a sporting event or playing your music really loud to drown out your singing voice. I do that all of the time.

The new Noise app uses the microphone to detect decibel levels and can notify you if it’s reached a level that could impact your hearing over time. Because the Watch is always on your wrist, it’s in a great position to monitor your environmental noise. If you tap the Noise app, you will get more detail and you can use the complication to check with just the raise of a wrist. It’s an easy way to protect your hearing health.

And, of course, this feature was designed with privacy in mind. It only periodically samples and does not record or save any audio. We think the Noise app is really going to make a big impact.

Now, there is one more new feature in health and fitness and all of the women out there, pay close attention because this one is for you. Cycle Tracking.

Knowing more about your menstrual cycle gives you a window into your health, from simply ensuring that you are prepared, to understanding your personal patterns and regularities. As a physician, I know that understanding what’s normal for you is critical in making informed clinical decisions and can really enrich conversations with your doctor.

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So, in watchOS 6, the Cycle Tracking app gives you a simple, discreet way to visualize your cycle right on your wrist and it’s really easy to use. You can log key aspects of your period and fertility, including symptoms, and you can be notified when it’s about to begin.

You can also choose to receive a fertile window prediction so you are better informed. This feature is available on Apple Watch and because we wanted to make this available to hundreds of millions of women around the world, Cycle Tracking is also available without a Watch in the Health app and iOS.

Yes, for everybody to use.

You can use it on your iPhone to do all of those same functions that can be done on Watch. We are so excited to bring more focus to this incredibly important aspect of women’s health.

Now, back to Kevin.

Kevin Lynch – VP Technology, Apple

Thank you, Sumbul.

So, the Health app is the best way to see all of your health data in one place, and we have redesigned it to be even more personal and meaningful to you.

In the new summary view, you can see health related notifications. You’ll see your favorites, the information you care about most, as well as automatically generated highlights so you can see your health data over time.

For example, if you are more active than you usually are, how consistently you may have been mindful this week, or how your heart rate recovered after a recent workout. Health is using machine learning on your iPhone to determine which highlights might be most interesting to you.

So, the new Health app is going to bring you even more powerful perspective on your health.

Now, all of this health data is securely stored in your iPhone or encrypted in iCloud, and since there is nothing more private than your health information, you control your data. You can decide if you want to share particular health data with selected apps, if you would like to share anything at all.

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