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Gail Dines on Growing Up in a Pornified Culture (Full Transcript)

The standard porn scene, the standard porn film: one woman, three men, oral, anal, vaginal penetration. They’re pulling her hair, they’re spitting in her face, they’re calling her a whore, a slut, and a cum dumpster. This is the sex education today across the world. We know from 40 years of research that the younger the boys get to porn, the more it limits their capacity for intimacy, the more it decreases their empathy for rape victims, the more it increases depression and anxiety, and the more likely they are to engage in risky sexual behavior.

The future. Now we have a whole generation of boys desensitized because really what you want at 10 is different to what you want at 15, 20, 30. So where is this going? In 2002, the Free Speech Coalition which is the lobbying arm of the porn industry lobbied the Ashcroft Court to take away the argument that you couldn’t use girls who looked under 18, and this is what we’ve got overnight: teen porn, first time with daddy, daddy’s whore, it’s OK, she’s my stepdaughter. What are we going to do? How are we going to tie this porn monster down step by step? We’re going to use the Gulliver strategy. Education by education by education.

We’re going to use a public health approach. Just like we stopped drinking-and-driving, you bring to the table all those who have a vested interest in the well being of the next generation. At my group Culture Reframed, we are taking the public health model, and we’re going to build parents’ programs, we’re going to build programs for professionals, we’re going to build programs for students because we’re going to tie this porn monster down piece by piece. And you know why? Because our children are worth more, our culture is worth more, our boys are worth more, and our girls are worth more.

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