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Gen Kelsang Nyema: Happiness is All in Your Mind (Full Transcript)

How do we actually cultivate this stable peace of mind that we can rely upon, regardless of the external circumstances? So this is really where meditation comes into play. And I would say I would need a whole other TED talk — hint, hint — in order to really do this subject of meditation justice. But for our purposes today, we can say that meditation is a mental action. It’s the mental action of concentrating on a peaceful positive state of mind. If we do that, we concentrate on a peaceful positive state of mind, then we can say we’re meditating, whether that’s like this, right?

See, actually, you don’t know if I’m meditating or not, because I could be thinking about my grocery list. It’s only meditation if I’m actually focusing on a positive peaceful state of mind. But the trick is, I can do it like this. This is called formal meditation. But we can also learn to do this all the time in our daily life.

See, here’s a perfect opportunity. We concentrate on a mind of patience. We’re not disturbed, not unhappy. So why don’t we try it now? Are you up for it? Just a short meditation. According to the clock, I’ve got three minutes left, so this is going to be a very brief one. But let’s actually try it, let’s try to tap into our own potential for a peaceful positive state of mind.

So now, I’ll ask you to just sit comfortably, and place your feet flat on the floor, and your hands within your lap. And then you can lightly close your eyes and become aware of the sensation of your breath, at the tip of your nose. And as you breathe out, you can imagine you’re breathing out any agitation, any mental busyness, any frustration or unhappiness in your life. Breathing it all out, like dark smoke.

And as you breathe in, you can imagine and believe that you’re breathing in a clear, bright light, which is a very nature of inner peace. And you can imagine that this clear, bright light fills your entire body and mind. And for a few seconds, simply enjoy this inner peace coming from within.

And now, as we finish, just be determined to bring this inner peace with you into the rest of your day to benefit yourself and others. So now, we rise from meditation.

Thank you very much.


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