Google I/O 2016 Keynote Full Transcript

In Allo, Amit and Joy can choose and reserve a restaurant right there in the chat and in a natural and seamless way.

So OpenTable will be just one of the many partners that will be part of the Google Assistant ecosystem, and we can’t wait to share more soon with the developer community about how to get started.

Cool. So we saw some proactive suggestions from Google there. You can also call on the Google Assistant directly at any time just by typing @Google as Amit is doing now. And he’s going to ask for funny cat pics. Really, Amit? Okay. Cool. So Google obliges, of course, with a lovely lineup of cats from Google Image search. Wow, that chin.

Okay. So you just saw how the Google Assistant can be really helpful in groups. You can also have a one-on-one chat with Google. What we’re seeing now is Amit’s contact list and Google’s appearing at the top there. So let’s jump in and have a chat.

Just like with any other conversation, this one picks up right where you left off and the Assistant will remember things like your name and even tell you how it’s feeling. So let’s try something more interesting. Amit’s a big Real Madrid fan and he wants to know how they got on in their last match. So he asks the Assistant: did my team win? It looks like they did. They won their — yeah. Some Real Madrid fans out there. Cool. And so they won their last match on Saturday. Let’s see when they are playing next. That’s pretty cool. They are through the Champion’s League final at the end of the month. We can keep going like this and find more news about the team just by tapping on the suggestions there.

But let’s go ahead and tap on their roster. There we go. We have a carousel with all their top talent and should we check out everyone’s favorite? Okay. There he is Mr. Ronaldo. Let’s see some of his best tricks. So Amit only has to type “best tricks” and the Assistant understands the context and that he means Ronaldo’s best tricks and responds with a YouTube video. We won’t play that video now, but if we did tap it, it would play right there in the chat.

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So, let’s play a game instead. Amit’s asking Google to play a game. And, okay. Google’s suggesting the Emoji game. The way this works is Google provides a string of emoji and you have to guess the film title. Are you ready? Yeah? Okay, let’s play.

Okay. So looks like we’ve got a crown and some rings. Any ideas? Lord of the Rings? I hear The Princess Bride over there. Amit, any ideas? Lord of the Rings. Oh, it was too easy. Okay. We could keep going but I think you got the idea. So that was obviously — should we keep going? No. Any ideas? They’re good. Okay. So this is obviously a super simple game and there’s a bunch more that you can play in Allo. But we really think that the best games will come from the developer community.

So that was the Assistant in Allo. Allowing you to harness all of the richness and knowledge of Google from search, YouTubes, Maps, Photos as well as many of our partners to have fun and get things done.

As you saw, the interface is inherently personal and conversational and the Smart Suggestions tab help to keep the conversation flowing. But most importantly for the first time, you can use Google in your chats with your friends.

And with that, I’ll hand it back to Erik.

Erik Kay – Engineering Director at Google

Thanks, Rebecca and thanks, Amit. I’m really excited about the possibilities that Google Assistant brings to messaging.

Now let’s talk a bit about privacy and security. We realize that sometimes people want to be incognito. Of course, this applies to chat as well. So, following in the footsteps of Chrome, we’ve created an incognito mode for Allo. While all messages in Allo are encrypted, chats in incognito mode are end-to-end encrypted. Incognito chats have discreet notifications hiding the sender and the message content from shoulder surfers and prying eyes.

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Incognito also offers message expiration, so you’re in control of how long your private messages stick around. And similar to when you close an incognito window in Chrome, when you delete an incognito conversation in Allo, it’s gone forever and no one can see it again on your device.

With incognito mode, Allo gives users additional controls over their privacy and security and we anticipate adding even more security features to it over time.

So that’s Allo. Allo is fast, smart, and secure and it lets you express yourself in fun new ways. And Allo will be the first home for the Google Assistant as it starts to take shape, bringing the richness of Google right into your chats.

Now, allo is all about messaging, but let me talk to you a minute about video calling. Just as technology has helped connect people through messaging, video calling has brought families and friends together from around the world. It can be a magical experience, so why don’t we pick up the phone and do it more often? Well, maybe the other person has a different kind of phone. Maybe the connection is a little spotty. And even when it does work, getting a call can often feel intrusive because you’re not quite sure why the other person’s calling. That’s why we challenged ourselves to design a video calling experience that would feel magical every time.

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