Google Pixel Launch – Made by Google October 4, 2016 Event (Full Transcript)

Let me tell you a little bit more about Pixel. We designed everything about Pixel from the industrial design to the user experience. Everything is simple and easy to use — something Google has always stood for. I really love how this phone looks and feels. The rear glass creates a bold iconic element that gives Pixel personality and character. The polished aluminum case gives the phone a distinct look, and there’s a subtle wedge from the top to bottom that keeps it thin where your hand most naturally grips it. And there’s no unsightly camera bump.

And while Pixel is beautiful, what really makes it come to life is how the hardware and software work together. It’s the perfect example of how the best of Google smarts combines to make a great, simple user experience. So today we’re going to tell you about 5 things.

First, we’re excited to announce that Pixel is the first phone with the Google Assistant built in. Second is Pixel’s terrific photography experience. Third, is how we use Google Cloud so you never run out of space for those great photos. Fourth, is how we let people talk to each other much more easily no matter what operating system or device they use. And finally, is now Pixel is made for mobile Virtual Reality.

To tell you more about Pixel, I’d like to invite my colleague, Brian, to the stage.

Brian Rakowski – VP, Product Management

Hi, I’m Brian. I lead the software product management team for Pixel. There have been so many people who worked so hard, so I feel lucky to be the one to show you what we’ve built.

So this phone was designed inside and out to be simple and smart, and I think you’ll notice that right from the Home screen. Let’s switch to a demo. The first thing you’ll see with the new Pixel launcher is round icons, access to all of your apps just a swipe away, and a clean, polished look. And like Rick said, Pixel is the first phone with the Google Assistant built in. Having the Assistant with you, all through your day makes so many tasks incredibly easy. You can just touch and hold the phone’s Home button or say the hotword, and the Assistant jumps into action. Whether you’re on your home screen or in any app, you can always ask your Assistant for information or help with tasks.

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Let me show you how it works. Getting ready for today’s launch, I’ve been spending a little bit more time at the office than usual, so I’m looking to plan something with family. And fall is such a great time in the Bay Area, I can get some ideas for the weekend with a long press of the Home button and by saying: Show me my photos from last October?

[Google Assistant: Take a look at these pictures from your Google Photos.]

It’s pretty cool, right? With a quick voice command my assistant found just the right pictures from my Google Photos collection, and it doesn’t just work with dates, you can search for people, places and things too.

So this concert at the Greek Theater at UC Berkeley was pretty fun. So let’s see what shows are coming up. “Show me upcoming events at the Greek Theater in Berkeley?”

So let’s talk about what’s just happened there. Not only did the assistant recognize the venue I asked about, but it was able to serve up relevant information thanks to Google’s Knowledge Graph.

OK, looks like The Lumineers are playing. I like their music, but I haven’t heard their latest stuff. “Play me a song by the Lumineers”

Now the Assistant knows I like to listen to music on YouTube, so that’s the app it opens up.


All right. That will be a pretty fun concert. But let’s see if my wife even remembers who I am after three weeks of being of MIA. Text Lisa.

[Google Assistant: Text Lisa Rakowski. Sure, what’s the message?]

Brian Rakowski: Want to go see The Lumineers in Berkeley on Friday?

Google Assistant: Got it. Do you want to send it or change it?

Brian Rakowski: Send it.

Google Assistant: Okay. Message sent.

Brian Rakowski: Now I just sent that message as an SMS. But the Assistant also works with other messaging apps like WhatsApp and Viber. Or I could have asked the Assistant to call Lisa instead. It looks like she responded. Thankfully she wants to go and she is recommending we get dinner at Marzano first. I haven’t been there before, so let’s try to get some more info. Now, watch this. The assistant can also help get information based on what’s on my screen. So I will do the same long press gesture on home and then swipe up to get contextually relevant information.

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So here is what just happened. The assistant recognized the restaurant in Lisa’s text message and assembled all this useful information into a single card from the apps I have installed on the phone. I didn’t have to say or type a single word.

So let’s get some more information from Google Maps. There is the location. You can wipe up, check out some pictures. Okay. It looks pretty good. But let’s see if it’s close enough to the concert. How far is it from the Greek Theater in Berkeley?

Google Assistant: If you drive Marzano is 6.4 miles away from the Greek Theater.

Brian Rakowski: Again, the assistant understood the context of my screen to answer my question. So it’s a pretty quick drive, it will totally work. Let’s get reservations. Make a reservation at Marzano for Friday.

Google Assistant: Sure, let’s make a reservation at Marzano with OpenTable. How many people in your party?

Brian Rakowski: Two people.

Google Assistant: And what time do you want to reserve?

Brian Rakowski: 6:00 pm.

Google Assistant: Okay. I have completed the reservation, so you are all set. Look for an email confirmation from OpenTable with all of the details.

Brian Rakowski: So that’s just a glimpse how the Google Assistant works. It can help with the big things like weekend plans, but it’s also great for little things like getting throughout your day, finding information, getting around, setting reminders for yourself and so much more. The assistant is incredibly useful when it’s built right into your phone, and we’ll show you how it works in other contexts later too.

The Google Assistant on Pixel is a great example of how hardware and software come together beautifully. Another is the camera. There’s actually an industry group DxOMark that rates camera quality of almost all popular DSLR and smartphone cameras in the market. These guys are just obsessed with cameras, lenses and image quality. We’re proud to report that Pixel received a rating of 89. That’s the highest rating ever for a smartphone.