Google Pixel Launch – Made by Google October 4, 2016 Event (Full Transcript)

So let me put that score into context. This isn’t only the best camera we’ve ever made, it’s the best smartphone camera anyone has ever made. So how did we achieve this? Our teams of photography gurus and image processing experts have spent the last year designing and tirelessly optimizing the entire camera stack. Pixel has a 12.3 megapixel rear-facing camera, and featuring an f/2.0 aperture and a big 1.55-micron pixels to capture significantly more light than other cameras.

The camera on Pixel is just excellent. Our amazing camera team has written some incredible on-device software algorithms that do things you just can’t do with great hardware alone. For instance, Smart Burst is a feature that lets you capture just the right moment. By holding down the shutter button, you can capture a continuous stream of images and let Google intelligence select the sharpest, clearest photo, of just the right moment. There is HDR+, it’s built to work in any light, so you get clear, vivid pictures even in challenging conditions. All the pictures you see here were taken on a Pixel.

Now traditional cameras use a single long exposure in low light, but HDR+ splits that into multiple short exposures, aligning them algorithmically, and then combining each pixel. This technique reduces noise, minimizes blur, and gives you extended dynamic range, as in this example preserving both the dimly lit people in the foreground and the beautiful sunset behind them. So HDR+ clearly improves image quality. And with Pixel the camera uses HDR+ by default because there is zero shutter lag. That’s a big deal, and it processes images twice as fast so you can keep shooting, rapid fire.

Just as important as capturing great photos is the speed of the camera app. We know this is really important. We don’t want you to miss the moment while your camera gets itself ready. And I’m really proud to say that our camera has a shorter capture time than any smartphone camera we’ve tested, which makes action shots like this possible.

And finally, my favorite feature, our incredible video stabilization. It means that videos turn out smooth even if you’re not. So let me tell you how this video was captured. We mounted two cameras side by side, hit record on each and then started walking. The one on the left has video stabilization turned off, the one on the right has it on. Just look at the difference. This works by sampling the gyroscope at 200 times/second to figure out exactly how the camera is moving, even accounting for the rolling shutter and instantaneously compensating in each part of the image so you can avoid that “jello” effect you see with other forms of image stabilization.

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Of course, Pixel comes with Google Photos built in. So once you’ve captured the moment with Pixel’s powerful camera, Google Photos helps you store, organize, and share all your photos no matter how goofy they might be. We think people are going to use this camera a lot. So as a special bonus for Pixel owners, we’re including free unlimited storage for photos and videos, at original quality. That’s all your photos and videos at full resolution including the rich 4K videos you can take with this phone. So, with Pixel, you’ll never run out of space for your memories. And you can say goodbye to those painful ‘storage full’ pop-ups.

So that was a quick intro to the Google Assistant on Pixel and our new best-in-class camera integrated with Google Photos. Now I’d like to invite Sabrina up to share some more great features of Pixel. But before that, let’s watch this new spot from our upcoming campaign.

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Sabrina Ellis – Director of Product Management at Google

Hi, I’m Sabrina, and I work with Brian on the Pixel Product Management team. At Google, we’ve always taken pride in creating things that are both smart and simple. So, we’ve thought a lot about all the different features that make your phone work for you. I can’t wait to share just a few of them with you now.

First, let’s talk about communications. Whether your friends are on Android or iOS, Google Duo, our new video calling app, lets you jump into a call with just a single tap. And it comes pre-installed on Pixel. My favorite feature in Duo is called Knock Knock. It shows you a live video stream of the person calling you before you pick up, so you can see who’s calling and even what they’re doing. As you can see my son likes to have fun with this picture.

Now, let’s talk about something I know you all really care about — the battery. We spent a lot of time optimizing Pixel to be smart about improving battery life. We made sure you can easily get through your day. But, for the times when you need a quick charge — like when you’re about to head out to dinner and you realize your phone has literally no power left — Pixel can get you up to 7 hours of power with just 15 minutes of charging, so you can be on your way.

And of course, Pixel ships with the newest Android operating system, Nougat. Pixel users will get system and security updates as soon as they’re available, directly from Google. We’ve also made the update process easier. When a new update is available, it will be downloaded and installed in the background. This means, the next time you restart your phone, you’ll instantly be using the new version. We just take care of it for you. Gone are the days of staring at a progress bar while waiting for an update to install.

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We also really want to make sure you feel supported when you’re using Pixel. So, we’ve built 24/7 live customer care right into the phone. You can reach a Google support agent over phone or chat. And to make it easier for them to understand and help solve the problem, we’ve added a screenshare option so you can let the agent see what you’re seeing.

Now that we’ve given you all these reasons to switch to Pixel, we’ve also made it super simple to transfer over everything that you really care about. We know historically it’s been hard to switch from one OS to another so we built a new tool to let you quickly and easily transfer your contacts, photos, videos, music, texts, calendar appointments and your iMessages. We even put a Quick Switch Adapter in every box.

We’re also excited to introduce a brand new range of cases and accessories for Pixel. These include a new Artworks collection of our Live Cases with custom designs from top artists such as FAILE, and photographers, like Gray Malin and Chris Hadfield.

Finally, Pixel comes in two sizes: A 5-inch and a 5.5-inch display. All the great features you’ve heard about today work on both. And, both of these sizes come with all of these amazing hardware specs.

Pixel is available in 3 colors, descriptively named: Quite Black, Very Silver, and a limited edition, Really Blue.

So, let’s recap the highlights. Pixel is the first phone to ship with the Google Assistant built in. It has the best smartphone camera. It includes unlimited storage for all your photos and videos. It comes with Duo pre-installed. Plus, it’s the first phone to be Daydream VR ready. You’ll be hearing more about VR shortly.

Now, where can you get this stuff? Here in the U.S. we’re teaming up exclusively with Verizon to bring Pixel to the market. We’re proud to work with them again. We’re also excited to be working with many international partners to bring Pixel to the world. Additionally, Pixel will be available, unlocked, on the Google Store. And for you Project Fi fans out there, you’ll be happy to know that Pixel is the latest device to work on the Project Fi network.

Pixel starts at $649 or $27 a month on the Google Store here in the US. It’s available for pre-order starting today in the US, Australia, Canada, Germany and the UK. And in India starting on October 13.