Google Pixel Launch – Made by Google October 4, 2016 Event (Full Transcript)

Google Home lets you enjoy music, get answers from Google, manage everyday tasks and control devices around your home. So here is Google Home. Our design was inspired by consumer products that are commonly found in homes, like wine glasses and candles. We went with a white top and a clean diagonal face for a neutral look that blends in. The top surface has LEDs that provide visual feedback when Google Home recognizes “OK Google”, so you know when it is listening. In those rare moments when voice won’t do, the top surface is also capacitive touch panel. You can simply use your finger to pause the music, adjust the volume, or trigger the Google Assistant.

Google Home was designed with a microphone system for accurate far-field voice recognition. We’ve simulated hundreds of thousands of noisy environments and applied machine learning to recognize patterns that allow us to filter and separate speech from noise. This enables us to deliver best-in-class voice recognition and minimize error rates – even from across the room. The mic mute button gives you total control so the product is only listening for the hotword when you want it to be. The speaker in Google Home sets the standard for audio quality in this new category. It contains a forward facing high-excursion active driver, with dual side-facing passive radiators. This design delivers a full-range, natural sounding experience, with rich bass and clear heights.

Finally, we made it really simple to swap bases to customize your Google Home to match the style of any room in your home. All of these features add up to a beautiful and powerful product.

So now I’m going to invite Rishi Chandra on stage to show in more detail what Google Home can do.

Rishi Chandra – Google group product manager

All right. Thank you, Mario. I’m really excited to show you Google Home. It’s a little hard to replicate a home environment on the stage, so we’ve gone ahead and recorded real examples of Google Home in action. And afterwards, you will have a chance to experience it live upstairs in the demo stations.

OK, so let’s get going. First, Google Home helps you enjoy your music. When I get home, I love to kickback, relax and listen to some tunes and voice is a really simple way to get started. Let me show you. “OK Google, play Don’t Let Me Down by the Chainsmokers”

Google: Don’t Let Me Down by the Chainsmokers. Sure. Playing on YouTube.

Rishi Chandra: It’s really simple. And you’re going to love the sound quality in your own home. And just as easy to control the music with your voice, “OK Google, turn it down”. And the great thing is I never had to pull out a phone or deal with a clunky remote control. Just ask for your favorite song, album and artists, it will play it. Now in this case, we’re using YouTube Music, which has a huge content catalogue, so you can play popular tracks, live concerts, cover songs and more. But Google Home supports many of the top music services, including Google Play Music, Spotify, Pandora, TuneIn, and soon iHeartRadio, so you have a lot of different content options.

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For example, let’s say I’m in the mood for little retro workout music. Well, with Google Play Music you can access their expert-curated playlists that fit any mood or activity. Let me show you. OK Google, play 80s workout music from Google Play Music.

Google: All right. Here is a Google Play Music station called head bands and leg warmers, 80’s workout.

Rishi Chandra: This song might bring a lot of memories for many of you. Now it’s really easy to set a default music service as well. So if your favorite music service is Spotify, you don’t have to keep saying “on Spotify” over and over. We want Google Home to match your preferences. And what’s really unique about Google Home is that our music search is powered by Google. So if you don’t remember the exact name of that song, we can still help you. Check this out. OK Google, play that Shakira song from Zootopia.

Google: Try Everything by Shakira. Sure playing on YouTube.

Rishi Chandra: So that’s pretty cool. Even though I didn’t remember the name of the Shakira song, Google was able to infer it from the context of the movie Zootopia. This comes from years of investment in search. So now it is easier than ever to play the music you want to play on Google Home.

Now we want to make it easy to play all types of audio – so music, news, radio stations, podcasts and more. So if you want to listen to your favorite sports podcast, like Pardon the Interruption, or news from NPR, all you need to do is ask for it. And of course, we also support the ability to cast audio to Google Home from your favorite Android or iOS devices, so your options to listen to music and more information is unlimited on the speaker. Add it all up, and we think you’re going to love the combination of a great sounding Wi-Fi speaker with voice control from the Google Assistant. OK. So that’s music.

Number two, Google Home helps you get answers from Google. Our mission has always been to organize the world’s information. And over the past few years, we have gone beyond the 10 blue links into providing direct answers to your questions. We do that through the Knowledge Graph, which as Sundar mentioned, has over 70 billion facts. And now with Google Home, we give you an easy way to access the knowledge of Google in a hands-free way. For example, let’s stay with the music theme for a second. OK Google, what is Adele’s real name?

Google: Adele’s full name is Adele Laurie Blue Adkins.

Rishi Chandra: OK Google, how many Grammy’s has she won?

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Google: According to Wikipedia, with a total of 20 awards and 53 nominations from the Grammy awards for her music, she is the most nominated woman in Grammy history.

Rishi Chandra: That’s a lot of Grammy’s.

Now you may have noticed that last answer didn’t come Google, but instead came from Wikipedia. Our knowledge graph can cover a lot of information, but it can’t cover everything. So fortunately, we launched a feature several years ago called Featured Snippets. If we cannot find a direct answer, we try to find the website that has the best answer to your question, and we give you a short quote from it, so you can decide whether to read more and find out more later. It allows you to find answers to a much wider range of questions. So for example, let’s say I want to confirm before the kids spoil the dog with treats. OK Google, can dogs eat chocolate?

Google: According to Hill’s Pet Nutrition, humans easily metabolize theobromine but dogs process it much more slowly allowing it to build up the toxic levels in their system.

Rishi Chandra: So that sounds like a no.

Or let’s say I accidentally spilled some wine. OK Google, how do you get wine stains out of a rug?

Google: According to Patch, mix one quarter tea spoon of liquid dish washing detergent with four cups of lukewarm water and pour a small amount of the solution on the stained carpet or the solution into the stain by using a gentle blotting motion, then use water and a clean cloth to blot the spill and it should remove the rest of the stain.

Rishi Chandra: Well very thorough in your answer. So this is really really hard and it’s only something Google can do, and we are constantly improving it. And as search gets better, Google Home automatically gets better.

And the great thing is we can also bring Google’s understanding of local and traffic information, so you can more easily plan your day and schedule. So let’s say I’m planning a backpacking trip to Costa Rica and I need to get some camping gear. Well, I can ask Google Home for some help. OK Google, what are some nearby camping stores?

Google: I found a few places within 8.6 miles. The first one is The North Face on Post Street in San Francisco. The second one is Marmot on Post Street in San Francisco. The third one is REI on Brandon street in San Francisco.