Google Pixel Launch – Made by Google October 4, 2016 Event (Full Transcript)

Rishi Chandra: OK, let’s say I am going to go check out REI. OK, Google, how’s the traffic looking to REI?

Google: On your way to REI, there is a usual traffic. You might want to take the route via 10th Street since it’s slightly faster. It is 21 minutes by car.

Rishi Chandra: OK Google, how long will it take to bike there?

Google: Biking to REI will take you 24 minutes.

Rishi Chandra: I think I will go ahead and bike there.

This is all built on years of investment in Google Maps. And over time, we’re going to make it easy to send the directions right to your phone so you can pick up right where you left off. And of course, Google can teach me the most important thing as I prepare for my trip to Costa Rica. OK Google, how do I say I would like a beer please in Spanish?

Google: [Spanish]

Rishi Chandra: I think I will be using that a lot and I’m not sure I can say it the same way. The Google Assistant is there to help you when you need it. Finally, you have an assistant that can bring the knowledge of Google, just by asking for it.

Third, Google Home helps you manage everyday tasks. Home is where we love to relax, but also where we want to get things done. Now we want Google Home to be able to help you stay on top of your busy schedule. So we designed a feature called “My Day” that, with your permission, summarizes important topics and activities for you in a really simple way. It’s great thing to try with the morning coffee. Let me show you. OK Google, good morning.

Google: Google morning, Rishi. It is 7:32AM. The weather in San Francisco currently is 59-degrees and cloudy with a high of 65-degrees. Your commute to work is currently 59 minutes with moderate traffic if you take US 101 south. Today at 5:00 pm, you have Bollywood hip-hop dance class.

Rishi Chandra: Don’t judge me.

Google: Remember to cook dinner tonight for the kids. Have a good one.

Rishi Chandra: It’s really great. If the President can get a daily briefing, why shouldn’t you? And now you can your plan day without skipping a beat. Google Home also excels at assisting you with common tasks in the home. So for example, when planning your dinner, you can easily add things to your shopping lists, get nutrition information on ingredients, and set up multiple timers to manage your cooking times. All with your voice. OK Google, can you add kids’ vitamins to my shopping list?

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Google: Okay. I have added kids’ vitamins to your shopping list.

Rishi Chandra: And now when I am at the grocery store, I can just pick up my Pixel and quickly access the shopping list. OK Google, show me my shopping list?

Google: Here you go.

Rishi Chandra: It’s one assistant across your devices. Now of course helping with everyday tasks goes beyond just the kitchen. We want to help you in all aspect of your home life. For example, Google Home can even be the ultimate arbitrator between all those family debates. OK Google, flip a coin?

Google: Okay. It’s tails.

Rishi Chandra: We want to go beyond only what Google can do and also allow you to use your voice to interact with your favorite apps and services. We’ll have more to share about how Google will have partners integrate with the Google Assistant little later today.

OK, Four, Google Home helps you control devices at home. As homes get more connected, we think voice is going to become a standardized way which you can interact with your home devices. It’s just really easy. So for those with smart home devices, we have partnered with Nest, SmartThings, Philips Hue, and IFTTT to voice enable your lights, switches, and thermostats. You can control individual devices, rooms, or your entire house. And we will be constantly adding more partners over time.

We want to make sure we support as many smart home devices as possible. Fortunately, if you are one of the 30 million people who have purchased a Chromecast or Chromecast Audio, you can now use Google Home to voice control your TVs and speakers. It’s awesome. So let me show it to you. OK Google, play Katy Perry’s latest music video on my TV.

Google: All right, Rise from YouTube playing on Chromecast.

Rishi Chandra: It can completely change how you watch television. When you know what you want, just ask for it. And this is truly hands free voice control – there is no remote, no voice button that you have to go press, no phones needed. You just need to have a Chromecast and Google Home will automatically work with it. You can also use your voice to control playback. OK Google, pause. And if you need to, you can still pick up your Android or iOS device and continue to control it or update the playlist. It is all synchronized across your devices using Google Cast. And now you have a totally new way to experience YouTube on the TV. It’s a lot of fun. OK Google, watch videos of John Oliver on my TV.

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Google: Sure, p laying John Oliver from YouTube on Chromecast. Hello there, I’m John Oliver, host of that show you have heard some things about but haven’t gotten around to watching yet. You think it’s called last night this week or maybe yesterday right now. Don’t worry. You’ll Google it later.

Rishi Chandra: I love that joke. Now we’re initially launching this feature with YouTube. It’s early days, and we’re going to continue to improve it over time as we add more partners to support voice casting. In fact, we are excited to announce that Netflix will soon support voice casting via Google Home. So you will soon be able to say: OK Google, watch Stranger Things on my TV.

Google: OK, Stranger Things playing from Netflix on Chromecast.

Rishi Chandra: It’s really really easy. It’s never been easier to binge watch your favorite Netflix shows. But why stop at just music and video? We are also working with Google Photos to make it easy to show your favorite photos on the TV. OK Google, show my photos from Sarah and Ajay’s Wedding on my TV.

Google: Show your photos from Sarah and Ajay’s wedding on your Chromecast.

Rishi Chandra: Just works, hands free voice control combined with Google Photo’s awesome image search capabilities, means you can literally throw any photo on the TV in a really easy way. OK Google, show my photos of dancing on my TV.

Google: Show your photos of dancing on your Chromecast.