Grand Slam Poetry Champion Harry Baker at TEDxExeter (Full Transcript)

He thought they might like him if he kept his light dim

But they were busy telling lightning she had terrible aim,

He couldn’t quite get to grips with what they said,

So he let his light be eclipsed by what they said,

He fell into a Lone Star State like Texas,

And felt like he’d been punched in his solar plexus.

But that’s when Little Miss Sunshine came along

Singing her favorite song about how we’re made to be strong,

And you don’t have to be wrong to belong, just be true to who you are,

Because we are all stars at heart.


Little Miss Sunshine was hot stuff,

The kind of girl when you looked at her

You forgot stuff,

But for him, there was no forgetting her,

The minute he saw her her image burned in his retina,


She was out of this world, and she accepted him,

Something about this girl meant he knew whenever she was next to him,

Things weren’t as dark as they seemed, and he dared to dream,

Shadows were nowhere to be seen; when she was there he beamed,


His eyes would light up in ways that can’t be faked,

When she grinned her rays erased the razor-tipped words of hate,

They gave each other nicknames they were “cool star” and “fun sun,”

And gradually the shadowy damage became undone,

She was one in a septillion, and she was brilliant,


Could turn the coldest blooded reptilians vermillion,

Loved by billions, from Chileans to Brazilians,

And taught the Sunshine Kid the meaning of resilience.

She said: “All the darkness in the world


Cannot put out the light from a single candle

So how the hell can they handle your light?

Only you can choose to dim it, and the sky is the limit,

So silence the critics by burning.”


And if eyes are windows to the soul then she drew back the curtains

And let the sun shine through the hurting.

In a universe of adversity these stars stuck together,

And though days became nights the memories would last forever,

Whether the weatherman said it or not, it would be fine,


‘Cause even behind the clouds the kid could still shine.

Yes, the Sunshine Kid was bright, with a warm personality,

And inside he burned savagely,

Fueled by the fire inspired across galaxies

By the girl who showed him belief.


Thank you very much.

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By Pangambam S

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