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Hi, I’m Scott: Scott Mescudi at TEDxSHHS (Full Transcript)

So, really, you know people like I said, come up to me all the time, “Man, what you did made you special, you’re different, and I am not any different from you, you… we are all the same. I came from this town. I went to this school. All my buddies, we all had the same opportunities, you know?

It’s kind of just like having that self-confidence, you know. There was a lot of areas in my personality where I wasn’t as confident, you know? Definitely with the chicks early on. I don’t know if Kendra knows this, but…

But the music, me doing something where I was like, “Wow I made this, my first album,” when that came out, I was like whoa, I made this, this was something I put all of my energy into, and this is out and is released to the world on a professional level, I was so proud of myself. But let’s do it again.

I didn’t have time to be like, “Yeah, my first album, people like it, or OK we did good, it didn’t suck, what are we gonna do again? We got to do another one.”

Then I did that one. OK people liked it, let’s do a third one. You can’t get caught up in just all the other things. You know, I really was like, even still to this day I have my fun, but it’s focused. It’s never, you know, even when I do stray, I’m still working. I’m still writing a song, I’m still doing something. I’m persistent. And that’s also another part.

I believe that some people get lazy. Some people might have that one painting that they started to paint and never finish it. Because they get caught up in their head and oh, I can’t do this, maybe I can do this. It’s like sticking to something. One goal at a time, you know? That was like that’s still big for me.

I never put too much on my plate, you know? At first, it was like music, and then the acting kind of came into play early on, and it was unexpected, but it was a blessing that I was prepared for. I was like I’ve been the class clowns forever. Let’s do this.

And I used to it for free and now I’m getting paid for it. This is great. So you know, I was glad that the guys like my jokes, I was not even a comedian. This is just — you know, just to kind of fast forward, because you know there’s so much I’m trying to squeeze into five minutes.

But, there were a lot of haters, there were a lot of doubters, there were people that were telling me “Man, you’re not going to do that, that’s not gonna happen.” “He’ll be back.”

I remember telling my buddies I am moving to New York. “All right, you’ll be back.” No, I’m not coming back. And if I do come back it’s for concert, you know, and everybody will be like, “Whatever.”

When I came back it was for concert, it was the most beautiful homecoming I’ve ever had. There’s no show, more important than this show. And I’m not just saying that because like in Cleveland, and it’s like my hometown. It was the first time I saw my peers, friends I went to school with, being proud of me. I didn’t get the moment to walk across the stage with everybody. I didn’t get the cap and gown, do you know what I mean?

I didn’t get the chance to see these guys because I moved at 11th grade. So I didn’t even see Kendra for a while because I haven’t seen anybody so long. But that’s a beautiful moment. Still,l to this day, I do shows, and I see a classmate in the crowd and I’m up to give my raps. Ah god, what girl, why happy, you got any kids! I’m I’m sorry! And you know, it’s wild, you know. And I didn’t get that at school. I didn’t play on the foot ball team. I tried, but I was terrible.

I didn’t play on the basketball team. I tried but I was terrible. I didn’t wrestle. I tried. No, no, I did try. But I tried outside the Shaker Heights High School in another district in Cleveland Heights where none of my peers could see me and me be embarrassed. It was kinda like, “Okay, I’ll try this in 7th grade, and be terrible. And then nobody in Shaker will know about it because it’s in Cleverland Heights. Let’s not talk about it.

But my point is also like “Music was my Plan G.” You know it wasn’t like I did try everything else. I tried everything that I thought, you know, was a traditional thing a young boy should do – sports, you know. And even going to college was me, just trying to fulfill a destiny, what I thought was my own destiny.

But then also, I wanted to make my mom happy. You know. It sometimes guys got to do that. You know, there’s a lot of things, and we don’t want to stop this like man like. Your parents say that you really have to do a lot of us. And you know, it’s like. And now I’m at 31, and I am just like I had to apologize to my mom about what I was seven years ago. I was like, “Mom, I’m sorry.” It was like “I was a nightmare.” But we have money now, so let’s just go and kick it.

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