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Hi, I’m Scott: Scott Mescudi at TEDxSHHS (Full Transcript)

And we’re okay. We are good now. And it was funny too because I took my mom got her first tattoo ever, where I forced her into getting a tattoo. It is so funny, because you… Are you embarrassed? I’m sorry. But this is big because our relationship from the kid I was in high school, it’s the best it’s ever been, You know, I used to put my mom through Hell. But she was my supporter. And that’s what parents are there to do: to give you the devil’s advocate even when I’m not gonna say every time I said I’m moving to New York. She went like OK.

You know, that was more so like, the fear of letting your child go out into the world, more so like the people n the street say, “Hey, now you don’t want to see you win.” Parents care. And I got a four-and-a-half year-old, and she’ll be five in March, she’s the apple of my eye. She’s my little baby.

And she’s so funny, because I’m the one that gets emotional when she has to leave, you know. And I kind of just like, when she’s leaving me, I’ll be missing her, right? And she’s like, “Yeah.” And I say “are you going to miss daddy?” “Yeah.” You know you can call me stuff like that, “Miss me.”

I’m just sad you’re leaving, and she says “it’s okay, we always come back.”

And I say, “That’s what I’m saying, that’s why I am crying, I am so emotional. But it was just like beautiful to just see. You know, like me being the parent now. You know what I’m saying, and to see the confidence in my child, and the same confidence I gave my mom, and you’ve gotta just kind of take a back seat and go, okay.

Because I literally like follow my daughter’s lead. I mean, I just, whatever she is telling me to do as I follow everywhere, or obviously not, in every way. Or else, I would be broke. But in some ways, I do what she asks me to do, and what she tells me to do. But that’s the beauty of life, you all. You know what I’m saying?

I used to come in this room, I used to sit right in that section. Sometimes I’d pay attention, sometimes I wouldn’t. Most of the time, I’d be checking out chicks, some chicks I would never talk to because I never had the confidence. Maybe if it was a date we would send carnations, Kendra? Valentine’s Day.

That wasn’t a joke. I was the king of sending like carnations to chicks that I’d never talk to. I would be asking my mom like, “Mom, can you give me five bucks? Because it’s a pizza day, I just want to load up on the carbs.”

And she would just be like, “okay,” not knowing that I was buying carnations for all these chicks. Thanks for supplying them, Mom.

But, with 23 seconds left, I just want to let you all know that, life will throw you curve balls, it’s scary. But like, if you believe, man, you know? If you believe, and if you want it, and if you want to work hard enough for it, it can be so.

Because there’s no difference in me and you. I just really wanted to do this. I wanted it bad. And I didn’t want to be a failure. And nobody’s a failure in this room. Don’t ever think that. We can all win. And that’s it.

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