How AI Can Bring On a Second Industrial Revolution: Kevin Kelly (Transcript)

Innovation by definition is inefficient, because you make prototypes, because you try stuff that fails, that doesn’t work. Exploration is inherently inefficiency. Art is not efficient. Human relationships are not efficient. These are all the kinds of things we’re going to gravitate to, because they’re not efficient.

Efficiency is for robots. We’re also going to learn that we’re going to work with these AIs because they think differently than us. When Deep Blue beat the world’s best chess champion, people thought it was the end of chess. But actually, it turns out that today, the best chess champion in the world is not an AI. And it’s not a human. It’s the team of a human and an AI.

The best medical diagnostician is not a doctor, it’s not an AI, it’s the team. We’re going to be working with these AIs, and I think you’ll be paid in the future by how well you work with these bots. So that’s the third thing, is that they’re different, they’re utility and they are going to be something we work with rather than against. We’re working with these rather than against them.

So, the future: Where does that take us?

I think that 25 years from now, they’ll look back and look at our understanding of AI and say, “You didn’t have AI. In fact, you didn’t even have the Internet yet, compared to what we’re going to have 25 years from now.”

There are no AI experts right now. There’s a lot of money going to it, there are billions of dollars being spent on it; it’s a huge business, but there are no experts, compared to what we’ll know 20 years from now.

So we are just at the beginning of the beginning, we’re in the first hour of all this. We’re in the first hour of the Internet. We’re in the first hour of what’s coming. The most popular AI product in 20 years from now, that everybody uses, has not been invented yet. That means that you’re not late.

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