How I Cured Myself of Chronic Illness and Reversed Ageing: Darryl D’Souza (Transcript)

Now why have I done this? Because I’m following the second law of nature, which says that God or nature or the cosmos or whatever you want to call it, has provided for every being that eats food in its natural and unaltered state. And that is what I have given you.

So you look at all of this, and I tell you have a look at the pork once more and you see the detail of it, their skin, there’s hair, there’s mucus. You see severed veins and arteries and fat and blood and the smell is quite horrible.

And you say, take me away from that.

And now that if you’re feeling so hungry, what do you eat first? You go to the other end and you pick up some fruits.

And when you pick up, maybe your favorite mango, you’ve taken its fragrance and say wow, eat it. Maybe you put down a couple of mangoes, maybe some chicos.

And then as you’re getting filled up, your mind kicks in: hey, I need some protein. Where do you get that from? And you pick up some nuts and some seeds and you’re full up then. So then we call it a meal.

And you go back to your room, maybe you sleep — go to bed off at night.

And next morning, when you get up, you are really hungry again. So you come to the dinner table, dining hall and looking out for the food again.

You notice that there are no fruits or nuts, because I have taken them away.

What is the next thing you’re going to eat? The vegetable? Edible vegetable, what I call things like cucumber or tomato or carrot.

Next to it, there’s also some broccoli, some spinach. But you don’t feel like touching that right now. And there are the grains, rice, wheat, dals, the live animals, dead meat — what do you eat? Obviously you go for the edible vegetables. You make a meal of it.

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The next time that you’re hungry and you come back, you don’t see the edible vegetables also. You just see the non-edible vegetables.

You’re staring at it for a while and thinking I’ve never done this before. But there are no options.

So well, you put down a few and satisfy that pain and hunger in your tummy. Maybe you don’t need a full meal.

The next time you’re hungry and you come back, even that’s not there. You’re just seeing the dried grains, the beans – kidney beans or rajma. You say no way, I can eat this. I have never done it before.

So I play a National Geographic video for you, where it shows primates when they’re eating grains and hard beans, they put it in their mouth and they don’t start munching it right away. They keep it there for few minutes and they soak it up. And when it gets soft, then they start eating it.

And so you get an idea for that, and because there’s no way out, you try the same. And it works for that time. Maybe you don’t need half a kilo, maybe just 100 grams or 200 grams. But your hunger is gone.

And then you think about it and you know, what’s going to happen in the next meal. And you’re there and even the grains are not there this time.

And you say, hey, you know, these scenarios do not happen in life. This is some twisted experiment that you’re doing.

And I say, no, my friend, these are the simple seasons of the year. You do not get fruits all throughout the year. They come and they go. And the vegetables come and they go. And the greens come and they go.

And you have the next season coming. But when something is not there we always do for the next — with the next best thing.

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So now you think about it and realize what’s happening. But you put your hands up and say no ways, I can’t do the meat.

And I tell you, I can eat meat but it must not look like meat. Can you please make it brown or orange or green? It must not also smell like meat. So could you please add the fragrance of some herbs?

I can eat meat but it must not taste like meat. Can you please put some spices and herbs into it and fool my tongue completely? It must not even feel like meat, not that soft and gooey pork ribs. So can you please brown it up a bit and by the way also give me a fork and spoon?

So what is happening over here? It is, as per the next law of nature which says that the God-given senses of every human being will tell them every time food is presented to them what is their food and what is not their food.

And so this whole thing makes sense to you now. And I share with you the next law which says that you can only make the human body eat food, not designed for it, once you fool its five senses completely. And this is what we do today with modern cooking.

I could even feed you poison today. All that I have to do for you to eat it is just fool all of your five senses and you may drop dead from it tomorrow. This is what we do with food today and why food has become our poison.

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