How Social Media (SM) Affects Our Lives

Another fact is that it’s easy to feel less important when such feeling surfaces. But in reality, nothing has changed, and our friends aren’t more important in the first place.

    5. Cyberbullying

The rise in the use of several online platforms resulted in increased cyberbullying as well. Nowadays, anyone can be a victim of bullying, and it’s fast becoming a global concern. The internet has made it possible for anyone to be humiliated in a matter of seconds.

A friend can post an unwanted picture of you. And before you could delete it, it’s already seen by the wrong eyes and you are made a laughing stock within a few hours. In a nutshell, all it takes is just a few clicks to bully anyone online.

Enough of the negative side of social media! Let’s see the bright side. How does social media influence us positively?

How SM Affects Us Positively


    1. Content discovery

With social media, it’s relatively easy to search for content and find information that relates to your work or assignment. Students find it more useful to do research and write effective essays. Its high level of autonomy gives room for creative thinking.

More so, it helps those searching for essay samples online as though they were searching for an archive. You can find any argumentative essay on social media that students can draw inspiration from when writing essays and doing other assignments.

But how can they find these examples and make the best of them? The first step is to filter through the irrelevant commentary and discover ideas, and people that can help you.

    2. Creating awareness

Social media is now the primary weapon people use to show their disapproval of national policy and also draw the attention of the government to specific social issues. A recent development is a way it is now manipulated to become a voice to the voiceless as it is now a medium for creating awareness and discussing important updates.

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    3. Mood elevation

Have you ever found yourself going back to a specific post or status update because you think it might make you feel good? Aside from the fact that social media is addictive, it makes us feel good too. Hence, many people find relief from using it daily because it serves as a useful mood elevator after a bad day. But, does it elevates the mood?

    4. Enhances communication

It’s no longer news that social media helps to connect people from different backgrounds and race and creates a long-lasting relationship out of nothing. Most times, you might become friends with someone with whom you share no common interest. And such bond may last for a lifetime. It strengthens a relationship and helps you stay connected with friends and loved ones no matter your location.

    5. Marketing tool

Here is one of the reasons why businesses are investing heavily in social media ads. This is because it has the power to drive massive traffic to their website or landing page and help them make a sale in the process. Marketing today has advanced from information broadcasting to engaging potential customers with real content, seeking feedback, and implementing the customers’ feedback into organizational policies. Therefore, it has become an indispensable tool for any brand that wants to build a robust online presence to enhance growth.

    6. Useful in cases of emergency

Facebook is an excellent place to announce any impending danger in our environment. And also warn the public of suspected bad weather, earthquake or tornado. This will help many people to perform safety measures to remain safe. The good news is that such updates can quickly travel fast on Facebook by merely posting it to your timeline.

Social media doesn’t change people. Instead, it reveals who they are. In the end, it will affect you. But only to the extent, you permit it. Our actions and expectations often dictate the degree of our vulnerability. By using social media the right way, you will experience more of its positive influence.

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By now, you should know that there are two significant ways SM affects our lives. How often do you spend on these platforms each day? What is your purpose of using them? Answering these questions will help you determine whether or not social media has enslaved you.


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