How to Avoid Death By PowerPoint: David JP Phillips at TEDxStockholmSalon (Transcript)

I started off with 95 of those. We ended up with a 135 of these. And yes, it gave an immediate result to the application that we were working for. So, to summarize this. Let’s have some fun and do a cross-examination because obviously I have to prove my point. Do you remember more than 90% of what I said? I’m not going to be that harsh. Let’s do a crossword instead. It’s going to go like this. Words are going to come up, I’m going to ask you to scream them out as loud as you can as we along. How many messages are you supposed to have per slide?

Audience: One.

One, very good. I think you were looking for a different word there. What can we use to steer our focus?

Audience: Contrast.

Yes, and another one?

Audience: Size.

Well done. What should we avoid using if speaking at the same time?

Audience: Sentences.

Beautiful. What should we strive, what kind of backgrounds should we have? We should have dark. And finally, now you can say it, how many objects per slide? Six, that is magnificent, thank you very much.

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