How to Become a Memory Master by Idriz Zogaj (Full Transcript)



Yes, but I just read these techniques and adapted them”.

“You did.”

“And I don’t feel different. I mean, I’m the same.”

“Really? But what do you do at the World Memory Championships?”

“Well, we compete in memory.”

“Such as?”

Well, every competition is 10 disciplines. It can be numbers. It can be binary digits, one zero, one one, zero zero, one one. Very funny. It can be — can also be words. It can be names and faces, people’s names. It can be historic dates. Do you know that the world record for memorizing historic dates is about the same — is more even than all the days you learned throughout school system, including high school? And this guy does it in five minutes. Imagine that, 12 years compressed to five minutes.

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