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How to Become More Confident — Lay Down on the Street for 30sec by Till H. Groß (Transcript)

So they started to do comfort zone challenges and had all my friends from whole Europe doing comfort zone challenges, sending each other pictures and videos how they did comfort zone challenges, and then they decided, hey, it helped me, it helped my friends, let’s have more people. So we created this online community, The Comfort Zone Crushers.

And they would give people challenges and give them piece of advice how to step off the comfort zone and step-by-step it grew bigger and bigger and bigger, and exactly in this month we have hundreds of people from more than 20 different nations to step out of their comfort zone, take off their fear and become more confident.

And here are just some examples of those people from all over the world doing the laying down challenge. So this is a guy from Singapore, this is a guy from London, this is Berlin, oh, this is Vienna. This is – I don’t know — this is somewhere in Europe – this is Vienna as well, and this is also Vienna.

So this whole thing from me, you know, confronted with my own fears of rejection and so on, step-by-step grew bigger and bigger into this international movement. And from all the things, from all those helping others to crush their comfort zone and crush my own comfort zone, I learned three things. And the first thing that I learned was — if you consciously do comfort zone challenge over and over again, you get in the habit of doing the uncomfortable thing.

And you know, with most things in life is like this, there’s something you want to achieve and between you and the thing, there’s a certain discomfort. You know, you want to have a great body, you need to work out. You want to be smart, need to study. And to comfort zone challenge doing over again, I learned on the hand, to ignore the excuses, because most of the time you have got excuses not to do the thing. And the second thing is I learned to go through the discomfort. So doing comfort zone challenge is kind of like bleeds into other areas.

The second thing I learned was – my relationship to fear completely changed. So lot of you walked up to me said, hey, Mr. Comfort Zone Crusher, do you still have fear, do you still have comfort zone? Of course, I am a human being. Of course, I have fears and so on. And obviously comfort zone challenge is not a magic pill. So you will not always immediately get over everything. And some things will take a long time to get over.

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But what changed was that nowadays even if I want to do something and between me and the thing is certain fear, I will still do it. So I’m so familiar with fear and nervousness right now. It doesn’t hold me back anymore.

And the third thing that I learned was comfort zone challenges gave me lot of happiness. And you may think why — stretching your arms in the air running through like a hallway or laying down the floor, why does it give you happiness? And I think for two reasons. On the one hand, because lot of unhappiness comes from comparing yourself to other people.

And if you start to do comfort zone challenge, you stop caring what other people might think about you and you also stop comparing yourself. And the other thing is a lot of unhappiness comes from comparing yourself to like a perfect self, you know, and comfort zone challenge – also because it bleeds into other areas. You start to develop and progress on a daily basis, and step by step get closer to the perfect version. So pretty often at the end of the day, you can sit down on a couch, lay back and say, “Hey, I’m not perfect yet but today I made a step closer to this perfect version of myself”. And this gives me kind of like happiness and fulfillment.

So those are three things I learned and obviously the whole talk is a bit advocacy for going out and doing comfort zone challenges. But at the same time, there’s also like a bigger vision behind it. Because what I’ve noticed or what I have seen was that comfort zone challenge, the term popped up like some time in the 21st century.

Though they did behind it this exposure therapy as research since the 1950s. So basically there is a huge knowledge of therapeutic technology and psychology knowledge. But most of our society doesn’t have access to it either, because therapy and coaching is so expensive, or the social stigma prevents the people from actually engaging it. So you won’t go there because your friends might think you are crazy, whatsoever.

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What our vision or mission is that we take this knowledge to there and from which a lot of people actually would benefit, and we take this knowledge, kind of dress it up new, and make it accessible to the people, and also like through the Internet and to spreading it virally, we can do it for really very little money and so we can enable a lot of people to actually engage in it and benefit from it in their own life.

But this is only like — to give you like a glimpse of the whole bigger thing behind it. And of course, I want to encourage you to step more of out of your comfort zone.

And at the beginning of the talk, I asked, okay, who of you know this feeling, nervous anxiety, you all raised your hands, you all said yep. So this feeling anxiety is something that connects us all and kind of makes us human. And for me this is a very comforting thought and very comforting idea.

So I want to challenge you to at this year’s event talk to a few more people, you know, walk up to a famous speaker, ask him questions. And those people home who is watching it, close your laptop – no, watch two more TED talks and then close your laptop – then go out and I don’t know, lay down on a street, stretch your arms, do some things at outset of your day in autopilot, because comfort zone challenges not only help you to become more confident but it also gives like adventure to life, and kind of like spice up your life.

So now I want to finish my talk with a quote that I always try to live by. And this is a quote famously said by Eleanor Roosevelt, and she once said, “Do one thing every day that scares you”.

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