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Home » How to Change Careers When You’re Lost: Felicia Ricci at TEDxYale (Full Transcript)

How to Change Careers When You’re Lost: Felicia Ricci at TEDxYale (Full Transcript)

Felicia Ricci

Full text of author Felicia Ricci’s talk: How to Change Careers When You’re Lost at TEDxYale conference.

Felicia Ricci – TRANSCRIPT

Hi, everyone. I’m Felicia, that says there. This is really exciting. I actually took professor Chun’s class when I was at Yale. He is awesome. So, it’s honored to be here. The past three years of my life have been a whirlwind.

I moved three times, I wrote two books, I published one of them, and I actually started my own business. Three years ago, my life looked incredibly different. I was living in New York City, and I was working full time as an actor. I had an agent, I was a member of the Actors Union, and I have just come off being in one of the biggest musicals of all time, which was “Wicked.” Any of you have seen Wicked? Yeap! So, it’s a really big musical.

And on the outside, you know, everything was going great. If I kept going in this direction, maybe I could do a lot in theater. And sort of all seemed to be pointing in that one direction. But on the inside, I was wracked with doubt, and I was incredibly scared. The reason being, you know, theater and acting was what I have thought to be my life dream.

Ever since I was two, I went to see my first Broadway show, which was “The phantom of the opera”; claps for “The phantom of the opera.” I don’t know why I was obsessed with theater. I went to theater camp. I would sing in the shower, my parents heard me.

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