How to Love Yourself to the Core: Jen Oliver (Transcript)

Now not only is the guilty group feeling negative emotions and feeling more stressed, but in fact, in the longer term, those guilty folks had a harder time losing weight and weighed more in the long run.

Guilt: also not a positively adaptive emotion.

There is no cheating, just choosing. Choose the foods you eat. Don’t use them, but choose them consciously. But not from your head, where you are thinking, “Oh shoot, is this part of my diet?” “That person said that’s bad.” “Oh no, I’m not eating that this week.”

Get it out and bring it down, bring it down into the positive emotions of the heart, remembering a time when you felt true deep love.

This is where the magic is. It starts from the heart. It moves into the core, where you trust that the beliefs and the values that you live by are worthy.

All we want is connection. We want love. We want to feel loved and connected to people, not because of how we look, but because of who we are on the inside.

We want to connect with amazing people, high-vibe people, living it up, and yet we are down here saying, “Oh no. No, I’m ugly. I have shame. I have regret. I shouldn’t have.”

Low… Low… Low vibration. Those two are not going to connect.

I want to leave you with three things that I do, because I don’t recommend things to others that I first and always don’t do myself.

The first thing: positive self-talk only. Under no circumstances do you deserve to be berated for the fact that you missed the gym or you ate a piece of cake or you did anything. You don’t deserve it, most especially not from yourself. Make a pact.

Number two: Remember those 98% of your thoughts that you repeated from yesterday? Let’s ditch them. That leaves you over 68,000 thoughts that you could instead say the words: thank you, thank you for this day, thank you for my friend, thank you for my heart beating.

You could find 68,000 thanks in a day that are for sure going to positively impact your life and inspire you much more than those negative thoughts.

And third: take time every single day to breathe. Breathe into that heart space and feel the love. Positive emotions will keep your heart strong.

Breathe into your core. Understand how it works. Get deeper than the superficial. There’s always more than meets the eye.

And lastly, I am going to leave you with this quote, that:

“If you can love the body and life you have, you will have the body and life you love.”

Thank you.


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