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Home » How to Stop Your Thoughts from Controlling Your Life: Albert Hobohm (Transcript)

How to Stop Your Thoughts from Controlling Your Life: Albert Hobohm (Transcript)

Albert Hobohm at TEDxKTH

Following is the full text and audio of philosopher Albert Hobohm’s talk titled “How to stop your thoughts from controlling your life” at TEDxKTH conference. In this talk, Hobohm shows us our critical situation as a species and how to start taking control over our mental operating systems.

Listen to the audio version here:


Albert Hobohm – Entrepreneur & Philosopher

How many of your thoughts today helped you get towards your goals in life? And how many of them hindered you? Are you in control of what you think?

As I first learned the answer to these questions, I was shocked. I was staying at the Buddhist monastery Suan Mokkh in the forest of southern Thailand four years ago.

As you can imagine, life at the monastery is quite Spartan. You sleep on a wooden pillow on a straw mat. You wake up at 4:30, meditate for 10 hours every day. Eat nothing but rice and vegetables and shower with a bucket.

One specific morning meditation session, I had a breakthrough moment. It suddenly struck me just how little influence I had over the content of my mind.

I looked back on my life ever since I was a child. And I could clearly see that my mind had always been constantly wandering, distracted, unable to focus.

And the reason why?… Well because I’ve lived the way I have it, like any modern person, over-stimulated. It was my lifestyle that had produced this unsettled mind of mine which had now become nearly impossible to control.

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