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How to Stop Your Thoughts from Controlling Your Life: Albert Hobohm (Transcript)

I want you to ask yourself: Is it constructive for me to be bombarded daily with newspaper tabloids of death, sex, fear, and terrorist?

In my mind, the majority of newspapers are more important for terrorists than terrorists themselves. Choose your media source wisely, because they are seldom designed only to transmit information. More often than not, their primary objective is to spark your interest using catchy headlines fueled with fear and sex, which happens on direct expense of fact.

Social media, such a brilliant tool, when used right and so catastrophic when abused. No stimulant has ever got in a society so addicted, so immersed, in such a short time.

Did you know that the term ‘Facebook addiction disorder’ has emerged as a valid disorder causing withdrawal excessive use and long-term anxiety.

There is a recent study from the University of Pittsburgh, has now showed that the more we use social media, the more socially isolated we feel. And the more socially isolated we feel, the more we want to use social media. So just like a drug we feel that by getting a newsfeed fixe injected to our minds, it’ll make us feel better but it actually makes us feel worse.

So friends, you have to take control over your use of social media. Otherwise social media will start to take control over you.

Advertisements are also sources of often polluted information. Think, for example, of sugary unhealthy food products. Quite a few commercials out there for them.

And now sugar… the substance sugar is our global number one health threat as a species killing more people every year than heroin, cocaine, and amphetamine combined.

So what can we do? Stop sugar and sugar-based products from being sold and marketed? Of course not. Because they’re not inherently bad. Sugar is great for a lot of people, all right? The problem does not lie in externality.

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We need to take responsibility over our thoughts and impulses when being exposed to and consuming these products and their commercials and realize that their incentive for your consumption is not to benefit you.

Now think of this: The human operating system is designed through millions of years of evolution, to reward the behavior that promotes survival in an environment of constant territorial threats and scarce resources. In that world, eating as much honey as possible meant survival so did killing other tribes when intruding on your territory.

But man has come out of the jungle where there was not enough, and we built a whole ethic around not having enough. As our environment has completely shifted, our mental operating system has gone dangerously obsolete. It’s time for an upgrade. We need to transition from being smart monkeys and become conscious beings.

You are like me… a homo sapiens, wise human, member of the first known life form to develop consciousness. You are the pinnacle of evolution.

Now please reflect upon the stories I’ve told which are yours and decide what you want to do with them. Because, friends, it’s not the harsh, traumatic or horrible events themselves you should fear the most in life but your own unwillingness to control your reaction to those events.

Ultimately, it’s your capacity to take full responsibility for your thoughts that will dictate the course and growth of not just you but our entire world.

Thank you so much for letting me be part of this.


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