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How To Teach Your Mind That Everything Is Available To You: Marisa Peer (Transcript)

And she went, well I haven’t been depressed for three years. I’ve had therapy with that Marisa Peer, shouldn’t really say that. And I’m no longer depressed.

And he went, it will come back. You have genetic depression; it will come back; you’re going to have it all your life and you need to take medication all your life.

And that previously suppressed repressed woman went, do you know, doctor, what is not coming back? Me to your office. I will never come back here again. You will never be my doctor again. How dare you tell me that?

And she left. And I love that because just because he was a doctor and he told her that, that didn’t mean it was true. You see whatever you tell your mind it will believe. So let me do something with you.

I want you to just put your arms out in front of you as if you’re holding like reins or the handlebars of a bike. Just put out your hands and close your eyes and I want you to imagine to tell yourself in your left hand, you are holding an enormous red fire bucket and it’s filled with 60 pounds of sand and it’s getting heavier and heavier and heavier. In your left arm you’re holding a bucket of sand and it is so heavy, you can feel the way right up into your shoulder. You can feel it in your elbow; you can feel it in your wrist.

Your left arm is getting heavier and heavier and heavier. The harder you try to keep your left arm up the heavier it’s becoming. And in your right arm you’re holding a huge helium filled balloon, a big blue balloon that’s bigger than you, full of helium, completely weightless.

And now your right arm is floating and moving and pulling and lifting and traveling up and the harder you try to push that right arm down the more it feels as if you are trying to push a balloon underwater, it just insists on springing up, lifting up, traveling up, getting lighter and lighter and lighter.

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And all the time your left arm is getting heavier and heavier, and the harder you try to lift up your left arm the more it feels like it’s been encased in concrete. And the harder you try to push your right arm down the more it feels like it’s attached to a pulley that is pulling it up.

And just notice one arm is way down, one arm is weightless because of a belief I just gave you. It’s a belief, so keep your arms where they are. Open your eyes and look around the room. See, beliefs are real. Beliefs are things.

So let’s do another one really quickly.

I want you to put your hand up by your mouth right now. I want you to imagine you’re holding in your mouth a big fat juicy Costa Rica lemon, and you can breathe it in and nothing smells quite like that wonderful lemon smell. And you can feel that waxy lemon. Smell it, feel it, open your mouth, cram that lemon in to shove that lemon into your mouth that’s sucking it and chewing it and biting it, sucker all the flesh. Swirl it around.

And what is happening is of course you are reacting to a thought, not a good thought, not a bad thought, a neutral thought. But you see we react to thoughts and we don’t upgrade our thoughts enough. And time and time again I go back to people who come up with beliefs they made, we’ve been on the planet for five years. They made a belief: I’m not good enough; there’s never going to be enough money; I’m not pretty or handsome or smart or strong. No one’s interested in me and we keep those beliefs for no other reason than they’re familiar.

So I sat in a doctor’s office when I was in my twenties and he said to me, you will never have a baby. You must accept you are infertile; you can’t have children. But even in my twenties I was already very far advanced in hypnosis, and I said I’m going to stop you there, because I’m not letting that in. So I’m just going to leave and I don’t want to hear anything you have to say because I know I have a baby.

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And actually I got pregnant really easily, and then having been told that having a baby was not available to me, now I’ve got new things, well you’re never going to have a normal pregnancy, you’ll probably lose the baby, you know if you carry it to full term, it will have all kinds of things wrong with it because I was diagnosed with an illness that turned out I never even had. And they said yeah, well the baby is going to have the same illness that I actually never had ever.

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