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How To Teach Your Mind That Everything Is Available To You: Marisa Peer (Transcript)

Success is available to you. You matter. You’re significant. You have a gift and you’re meant to be here.

Keep looking at that little baby and just filling it up with love and praise. You know I see a lot of clients of infertility and although I have a really high success rate I have a few clients who would sell their house to be parents and there’s no doubt they would be amazing parents and it doesn’t happen: they never get to have that baby that they would be phenomenal at raising.

And I see other people who drag their kids up and really do not deserve to be parents. And I’ve often tried to work that out. Here’s these people who’d be amazing parents if they get a baby and these people who are dreadful parents you have three. And the only way I could ever work it out is to believe that we come through our parents; we don’t come from them.

The universe creates – and the universe it creates us will support us in everything that we do, particularly in believing that we are lovable, that everything is available. So you can open your eyes and I want you to think about that one person would be an awesome parent and they don’t get the baby and the other person is a horrendous parent and they do, and how can you make sense of that? You can’t, except by deciding the universe created you. You come through your parents; you don’t come from them. You come through them.

And the universe that created you and that gave you all your amazing talents will support you in everything — everything that you want.

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