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Howard Martin: Engaging The Intelligence of the Heart (Full Transcript)

If they’re affecting us, our belief is, we’re affecting them. And to begin to look at this and to see if this is true, and see if this hypothesis is real, we’ve started the Global Coherence Initiative, and part of that is we are installing sensor sites around the world, very sophisticated sensors that measure subtle changes in the earth’s energetic fields.

We have a sensor in the Santa Cruz Mountains, we have one in Saudi Arabia, we have one in the United Kingdom, we will have one in New York state this month, and next fall we have one going in in New Zealand.

Ultimately, we will need 12. And what we are doing is experimentation around looking at changes that go on in these fields and trying to correlate those with changes that are occurring in society; changes that are occurring in the overall emotional state of humanity itself.

If this works, we will have proved that all of our thoughts, our feelings, our prayers, our intentions, all of that, is more real than we ever believed before.

Thank you. We’re kind of listening in for the first time to the brain waves and the heart rhythms of our planet. What we want to do is not just to prove scientifically that these things exist, but to bring people together, to use the power of our hearts, the power of our love, our care, our appreciation, and our energetic intention, to create positive changes in our world, and facilitate this new wave of revolutionary thinking and revolutionary living that we’re on the threshold of.

Thank you so much and take care.

Thank you. Thank you very much.

Appreciate it.

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