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Hypnotize Yourself: Dan Candell (Full Transcript)

That space between your fingers gets smaller and smaller. It may happen slow, it may happen fast. But when your fingers touch, you can take them apart. They’ll actually touch faster the second time. Watch as it happens now.

Now ladies and gentlemen, you can take your hands apart. I know it’s a freaky feeling, but shake your hands out. Just like that good.

If that worked for you, you’ve just been hypnotized. That’s it, that’s all it is!

I find that people have this fear about hypnosis that they think it’s actually mind control or the work of the devil. They think that it’s sleep or being unconscious. But you go into hypnosis every single day, several times a day.

If you drive, think about this. You’re driving to your destination; all of a sudden you zone out. You end up at your destination. You don’t even remember how you got there right? That’s called Road hypnosis.

How about this? You see somebody texting on their cell phone. You walk in. That person is so focused on that text message. You start talking to them but they have no clue what you’re saying, right? That is hypnosis.

Hypnosis is just a natural altered zone focused state. And I’m going to teach you now how to use it effectively and efficiently.

At night as we fall asleep, we go into a natural zone state, a natural receptive state. And just like this exercise that you just did, where you thought about something, and it happened.

You see, your thoughts became congruent with your bodily functions and actions. The same thing is true at night when you fall asleep.

When you fall sleep, you go into a natural receptive state. So I’d say let’s use that receptive state. For the last five minutes as you’re falling asleep at night, instead of worrying about what’s going to happen tomorrow or being anxious about what’s going to happen next week, I want you to think of what you would like to accomplish to be better.

I’d like you to make a little movie in your mind of what the ideal you would be like.

Now if the ideal you sounds a little intimidating, just think about what you want tomorrow to be like, how you want tomorrow to go.

If you have something that would otherwise stress you out, let’s say maybe going for a job promotion, or going for a job interview. Maybe going in to take a test exam, or quiz in school.

And you think naturally or normally that you’ll be stressed out about that. See yourself at night as you fall asleep going into that job interview with your head held high! And imagine what it would be like for you to walk out lending that job.

If you’re taking a test in school… imagine walking into that testing room, filling out the exam to the best of your abilities, using that as an opportunity to show what you know and walking out knowing that you did well.

When you begin to formulate these pictures in your mind, you have a better chance of things going that way. As you fall asleep at night, you go into that focused zone state.

So my friends, I tell you today let’s use it. Let’s start thinking better about ourselves. And when we start thinking better, we’ll start feeling better. When we start feeling better, we’ll start doing better.

When you do this technique at night and it only takes about five minutes, that’s all you have to do. But it’s only for the people who really want to do better, right! And you all want to do better, don’t you? Absolutely.

So what I’d like you to do is just practice this. Try it out. Make it a ritual for when you fall asleep at night, make a little movie in your mind of how you want tomorrow to go, or how you want to be as your ideal self.

It could be a goal that you have in mind; it could be something that you’d like to just accomplish and do better at.

But when you play that picture over and over in your mind, it will be more likely to become your reality, and then thus you have hypnotized yourselves. That’s it.

Hypnotize yourself into being better, doing better, feeling better, and thinking better.

So ladies and gentlemen, I tell you today when you do this exercise — and this is an exercise I’ve been doing every night since I’ve been in seventh grade and it works.

Once you do this exercise and you make it a nightly ritual, you’ll notice within about two weeks, you’ll start to feel more empowered, more inspired, more confident, and more motivated, and more productive.

Maybe you’ll be getting better grades. Maybe you’ll be making more money. Maybe you’ll be getting more work done, a lot easier quicker and faster.

I teach the same technique to athletes to business people to help them achieve their full potential.

And to the casual observer, hypnosis might look like you’re putting people to sleep. But by doing this exercise, what you’re actually doing is awakening a part of your mind. And as a result, you’re also awakening within you: hidden skills, attributes, resources and talents that you might not even know that you have had at your disposal.

And you can start using those for your benefit.

So I tell you tonight you can program yourself at night for what you want to do tomorrow. You can awaken your mind. And as you awaken your mind, maybe you’ll even change the world you’re living in.

Thank you.


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