I Love Nutritional Science by Dr. Joel Fuhrman (Full Transcript)

We have a unique opportunity in human history today with the exponential advances in nutritional science that has given us the power — the power of GBOMBS – G-B-O-M-B-S — these foods, I call our Immune System Special Forces: greens, beans, onions, mushrooms, berries and seeds. These foods that inhibit fat storage on the body, foods that prevent cancer, foods that prolong our life span. The details of that is not my message for the purpose of this presentation. These people are. Let me show you the power of what a Nutritarian diet can do.

Here’s Robert. I never met Robert. He just read one of my books. Robert was in a wheelchair. Today he can — not in a wheelchair, he can walk all day on his feet. Robert had rheumatoid arthritis and was on four-highly toxic drugs to reduce his pain from rheumatoid arthritis. Today he has no rheumatoid arthritis. He’s off all his toxic medications. He no longer has diabetes. He no longer has heart disease and high blood pressure. He’s off those medications too.

The main story here is not merely that he lost 200 pounds. The story is that Robert no longer has medical conditions. He no longer has rheumatoid arthritis, like millions of Americans do. The point here is you don’t have to be sick and be suffering and be tied to medications for the rest of your life.

Take Heather. Heather is another person who suffered most of her life. She suffered with terrible headaches — horrible headaches and migraines most of her life. She even took pills that cost $100 a pill for each single individual pill. And she still had headaches all day long, and she suffered, of course, with allergies and insomnia and anxiety and also on multiple medications. And Heather had lost 75 pounds but she wrote me and she said, you know — she wrote me a letter, an e-mail. And she said, “You know, I am all better, I know it’s the greatest feeling in the world, never to suffer headaches any more. I don’t have insomnia. I don’t need pills for depression and anxiety more. I’m well. I don’t have menstrual pain”. She said, “The wonderful thing is when you fix the whole body everything gets taken care of simultaneously”. It makes you think of all the people that are suffering and have been told they have to be on medication for the rest of their life with no way out.

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And then there is Donna. Donna from Kentucky. Donna’s like people I have stories like this, I hear 100 times a month. She was in so much pain. She couldn’t get out of bed or off the couch. When she was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, a rheumatologist told her that she’d have to take these medications for pain for the rest of her life.

Of course, Donna got well. She lost 62 pounds in the process. She’s feeling well. And she took – made the effort to take the drive from Kentucky up to New Jersey when I was having one of my weekend immersion programs. She came up specifically to meet me and to talk to me and tell me about to thank me. So rewarding and wonderful and warm to meet these people recover their health.

She said to me, “I was a food addict for 20 years. I tried one diet after another. And I knew I was in a downward spiral I couldn’t get out of”. Her life was unhappy. And she felt completely hopeless with it. And she said, she felt like she was a failure.

And I said, “Donna, you weren’t a failure. It’s the information you were given failed you. With the right information, you have the ability to be set free to take control of your life, to get rid of your food addictions”. It’s wonderful to meet these people. You almost want to — You know, you see their happiness and their gratitude and sometimes you can almost feel like your tears come to the eyes when you hear some of these stories.

And here is Ronnie from Texas. A perfect example. Ronnie had a heart disease and had a bypass surgery about six years ago. Within four years after his bypass surgery, his vessels clogged up again and got fully occluded with the plaque. And then he proceeded to have angioplasty. Within a few months after angioplasty, he developed restenosis and now he couldn’t walk, had tremendous chest pain, was on multiple medications. He was literally sent home to die.

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I never met Ronnie either. He read my books and he communicated with me through the website. And Ronnie lost 140 pounds in one year, which isn’t the story. The story is that his chest pains went away. He’s now fit, healthy, has no heart disease. He doesn’t have high cholesterol. He has great cholesterol and no cholesterol drugs, he has normal blood pressure, not on three blood pressure medications he used to be but on no blood pressure medications. His weight is normal. He’s feeling well. He achieved these numbers to protect himself without the use of medications. That’s how we know now he’s protected. He truly reversed his condition and he knows he’s protected for his future.

The message here is that scientific studies show that angioplasty and bypass surgery don’t enable people to live longer. Those who go for those procedures don’t live longer than those who don’t have those procedures with the same degree of disease. They don’t prevent future heart attacks. They’re just a temporary band-aid to make people feel better for a temporary period of time. Why aren’t people told this? Why don’t people know? Why doesn’t everyone know that they don’t have to have heart attacks, they don’t have to have strokes, that these diseases are reversible relatively easily? Ronnie was set free.

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