IBM CEO Ginni Rometty Keynote at MWC 2014 (Transcript)

David Kirkpatrick: So instead of apps, it will have cogs.

Virginia Rometty: And we’re just the beginning, errors will play out over the years. They will play out over the years and like I said I’ve seen a couple thousand of these applicants of what their ideas are.

David Kirkpatrick: Well I think this idea of machines that learn is extremely exciting.

Virginia Rometty: This has been in the works for decades. This isn’t as if it was — many of you would say I understand artificial intelligence as an example, one thing. So even Watson is the combination of so many disciplines in sciences between natural processing language and understanding it, parallel algorithms, the amount of ability to do this in a cost-effective way, because it is not a search engine and it’s not a lookup, it’s not a table lookup. It actually makes conclusions, draws confidence, has evidence.

David Kirkpatrick: And longer it exists the better it’s going to be, so in 10 years –

Virginia Rometty: Well, research is working on giving its sight so that it reads.

David Kirkpatrick: Google is trying something similar, even Apple with Siri has a very simple version of a cognitive device. So you got kind of battle going with Google there. But it’s a very healthy battle of the world.

Virginia Rometty: Very different.

David Kirkpatrick: So we got to wrap but thanks so much for being here and to talk about it and to make your great presentation.

Virginia Rometty: Thank you to the audience and for all of you that are our clients, just one more time thank you for the business that you do with IBM.

David Kirkpatrick: First time any IBM CEO who has ever been at Mobile World Congress.

Virginia Rometty: And I’ve enjoyed it. Yes, thank you.


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