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IBM CEO Ginni Rometty Presents at IBM Watson Group Launch Event (Full Transcript)

We’ve been doing that, we will continue to absolutely do that in partnership with our clients. We’d also would like to encourage the broader community of partners, of academics, to work with us. And especially encourage the millennia generation who have so many new great ideas, different ways of doing things, new kinds of behaviors, all the different kinds of ideas that have sprung up in the last few years based upon the new generation of everything that can come in and imagine brand-new ways of interacting with cognitive systems and making their own lives better, their lifestyle. You know, wellness is a great example of this. So, we can think about how all of those kinds of applications can be built quickly, iteratively and at Internet scale.

I look forward to collaborating with all of you to do that.

Thank you very much.

Mike Rhodin – SVP, Watson Group

Some great ideas there. This idea of Watson Digital Life is something that we think is really cool. It’s not just enough to open up to an ecosystem of people that are going to build applications; we want to let some of our best and brightest researchers put ideas out into the wild, if you will, to let people log on to play with them try things. One of the examples that are out in the back is our Chef Watson that can generate recipes for you based upon your dietary restrictions, novel and unique recipes. And I will have to admit, I’ve eaten many different recipes from Watson. They’re all edible. Some of them are very good. But we even fed them to our investors one day. So, it was a safety test. But it worked out pretty well.

So, our Chef Watson will be one of our premium capabilities in Watson Digital Life as we make that available later this year. So, it’s going to be a place for the general public to log on, to play, to experience and understand the possibilities of cognitive computing as we go forward. Many new research activities going on.

Guru Banavar talked to very brief piece of what we’re doing here. A third of IBM Research; IBM Research is 3,000-person organization, dedicated to the next generation, Watson 3.0 and beyond. A great set of capabilities that complements what we’re talking about here, complements the investments we’re making. So, today we’ve heard a lot. It’s been a long morning. I appreciate everybody’s patience as we’ve gone through this.

I think everybody understands the level of excitement we have for what this next generation of computing is going to bring. I think you’ve seen it from all of our speakers as they’ve talked about what they see the future to behold. And we’re really, really excited to work with all of you on how we make the world a better place.

Thank you.


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