IBM CEO Ginni Rometty’s CES 2016 Keynote (Full Transcript)

And so I will conclude our hour together kind of full circle back to where I started — that the idea that digital alone, it’s no longer a destination. And I hope you could see that in these three companies, that all that vast IoT data is going to mean nothing to you unless you can actually use it as a differentiator, and you will need cognitive for that, and that moment’s arrived. And you know, I’ve been around a while. When I compare the trajectory of what’s out here of any other technology in my lifetime, our lifetime, including the PC, including the Internet, more has been done in cognitive computing in the past two years than has been done in a decade in those other technologies. The pace of development is extraordinary. And because of that, I believe we will all reinvent ourselves, and you see a reinvented IBM emerging. Now, many people would characterize us as a hardware, software, services company, and we are. But it’s no longer all that we do. What the IBM Company now, it’s the cognitive solutions and cloud platform company. And the partnerships that we are developing, the cognitive solutions we’re building and the platforms, it is with you and through you that we will reach hundreds if not billions of individuals. And that, my friends, is the reason we wanted to come to CES. That is it — to meet with you, share our perspective, learn from you. And to really, I want to leave you with the note that IBM is committed to this remarkable journey. I meant what you heard Gary say: I believe every decision mankind makes is going to be better because of these technologies. And it is a journey that we are happy to take with you and to be your partner with.

So, I thank you for all your attention this hour. Thank you for welcoming us here and have a great rest of show. Thank you very much.

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