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Imagine There Was No Stigma to Mental Illness: Dr. Jeffrey Lieberman (Transcript)

However, eventually, with a lot of treatment, I was able to get myself together. I got married, enrolled in nursing school, and graduated as valedictorian. For the past 22 years I’ve worked in psychiatric hospitals. When I look back at just how mentally ill I was early in my life, I would never have thought it could turn out so well, how very fortunate I feel to have a pretty happy life.

And so I just had to let you know. What I remember most from when I was your patient is that you genuinely seemed to care about me and didn’t judge me. But I suppose the best doctors are always the ones with the most heart.

Signed, Laurie.

So this was the same Laurie that I treated and feared for so long ago. I was thrilled to know that she had recovered and to think that maybe I played some small part in this.

But what really struck me most about her email was the fact that it wasn’t my medical knowledge or my clinical skills that she keenly remembered. It was the fact that I showed compassion for her, and compassion is something that we all can show to people, including those with mental illness.

So while science and medicine continues to pursue the causes and the cures of mental illness, I ask that you join me to find the heart and muster, the will to reach out to all people, particularly people who may show signs of mental illness, to raise awareness of the public, of the government, and of the media to end the stigma of mental illness.

Thank you for listening.


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