Intel CEO Brian Krzanich at CES 2017 Press Conference (Full Transcript)

Hopefully my Voke VR — OK, it’s good. I just got the thumbs up. Go ahead and put your headsets on. I want you to go back to that basketball game live. Same process, it works. You can go up, look at the scoreboard. We’ll see what the score is 31-29 Villanova but Bulldogs are catching up. You can look down and choose between the camera views and you can look to the right, it’s this conference standings, likely those haven’t changed since the last time you visited.

But I really want to show you that this is a live feed, we’re really watching this game. It’s not that different than if you were sitting in one of those seats, depending on which camera you choose. And it really is — it gives you the experience of being there on-site. I almost caught that ball.

OK, I’m going to pull you guys out, because otherwise we found we watched that game for a long time whenever we watch them. You can go check online and see that that truly was a live feed, not any kind of delay or recording. And that kind of gives you the first touch of where this is headed with sports and that experience.

We’re already working on the T-shirt cannon that will come through virtual reality and deliver a T-shirt to your house. I’m not kidding. With that we start about having the in-arena experience that realistic. Imagine an Uber driver pulling up at your door and delivering you the T-shirt because your virtual headset caught the T-shirt that was shot out of the cannon towards our camera. That will be coming to your house near you.

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We really think that these kinds of experiences are where virtual reality is headed, where it’s going, why we’re excited. I wanted to give you a touch of these so that you get excited about it too. I know a lot of people are questioning: Is virtual reality going to take off? Is it going to go anywhere? I hope these experiences give you just a scratch of where it’s headed. We have a lot more coming over the next several years. We have technologies that are just going to make this unbelievable, and we believe Intel is leading this unprecedented change. And we’ll make this vision a reality.

I want to thank you for taking this journey with me today and this has hopefully been a fun and experiential way to kick off your CES a little bit different than the normal boring press conferences. I also want to thank our partners — Acer, Asus, Gigabyte, HP, Lenovo, MSI, Oculus who all collaborated with us to put those systems in front of you this afternoon. I want you to enjoy the rest of CES 2017. For those who would like to play Arizona Sunshine, stay in your seat after we’re done. Raise your hand, we’ll have somebody come and we’ll reboot the game on your system locally. We will give you the hand controllers and you can fight off the zombies now real time. We wanted to provide that experience so you could have a little fun as you and your day go on.

Again thank you very much for being here with me today and have a fantastic CES!

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