Intel CEO Brian Krzanich Keynote at CES 2016 (Full Transcript)

Absolutely. In fact, that’s always our promise. But you know, hearing that from me – I mean, I have got to say that but I think you are really the best judge of this. Can you tell me how we did with our 6th Gen Core?

Stephanie Harvey: Let me think about it. I think you guys did awesome. The gaming industry is going through major changes and with amazing Intel hardware taking advantage of Microsoft Windows 10, Gx12 and multi-core support, it’s never been a better time to be a gamer.

Brian Krzanich – CEO, Intel Corporation


Stephanie Harvey: So why don’t we play some Rainbow Six?

Brian Krzanich – CEO, Intel Corporation

That would be great. I am going to let you play and maybe I will talk a little bit. And I want to embarrass myself more.

So what you’re going to see here is that Stephanie is playing Rainbow Six. She is using a Razer 3-D RealSense camera to remove her background while she live broadcasts on Twitch. If you go on Twitch right now, you can get the band looking here, you can see her actually live broadcasting. Now there is no green screen, there is no special equipment, it’s a small module that allows her to fade out the background and put her face up in a very small inconspicuous corner.

Now what’s also important here is that using the 6th Gen Core, she is seeing no performance loss in her gaming. That’s important because you don’t want to have that performance issue and get fracked and knocked out of the game. Now, Stephanie, I understand you’re going to be live streaming on Twitch all this week from the booth, is that correct?

Stephanie Harvey: Yes, I am doing live here and I will also be live at the Intel CES booth all weekend. You can come play me or not, whatever you like.

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Brian Krzanich – CEO, Intel Corporation

Thanks a lot, Stephanie. Thanks for coming on stage tonight. I appreciate it.

So gaming performance has never been better. It’s truly an immersive experience. You can see our faces in there, she is in there playing, she is broadcasting all at a high-performance. But we didn’t want to just stop there. Gaming should not only be immersive, we thought, hey, it should be personal as well.

So using Intel RealSense technology we can now import players directly into the game. So instead of relying on avatars, or computer-generated images you can be in there yourself. And this is what we believe ultra personal gaming is all about. And to show us this tonight, we’ve got Craig on here. Craig, can you just show us a little bit of what you’ve got and what we’re going to do?

Craig: Yes, we’re going to do something amazing. So again on the quest to be the most immersive, the most unique experience for gaming possible, well how about we put you right into the game, does that sound –

Brian Krzanich – CEO, Intel Corporation

I think that would be the best game there is if I am in there.

Craig: Well, it’s going to be the Brian Krzanich game, so let’s go ahead and queue this up, and it’s really easy to do so. All I need is a RealSense enabled to and one like this, HP Spectre x2, and I am just going to go ahead and using this 3D capture software to take a little 3D model of my boss here, and this is going to allow us to take the 3D capture and put it right into our game. So as you can see right now I am covering up all of Brian’s skin here and capturing that digitally, so I can go ahead and right into the game after that. So now he’s captured and we’re going to go ahead and take a look at with a separate piece of software, uranium has printed out your digital avatar. Okay, Intel blue jumpsuit, all of that, I mean looking good, right?

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Brian Krzanich – CEO, Intel Corporation

Yes, I think it looks great.

Craig: But now we want to take this to the next level and — Uranium that works with many many supported games that we have across, including ones of the most popular type like we have with this beautiful 6th Generation modded PC and according to the theme, we’re going to be playing Bethesda’s Fallout 4, one of the biggest hits this season. And well, if you want to see this live, here we go. Ahh, that look a little familiar?

Brian Krzanich – CEO, Intel Corporation

Yes, I mean that even looks better than my dog too.

Craig: That’s your dog! Okay. So you guys can make the decision. I mean, Brian Krzanich, Intel CEO or rather the apocalyptic wasteland, you guys can – you truly live in the game.

Brian Krzanich – CEO, Intel Corporation

Thanks a lot, Craig.

Craig: Thank you.

Brian Krzanich – CEO, Intel Corporation

So all of that technology is available today. You can do that today with these games. I hope you have seen that e-sports has been elevated to an entirely new level. The experience is personal, it’s immersive, and it’s engaging. So that’s e-sports. We want to extend that to all sports.

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