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Intel’s CEO Brian Krzanich Keynote at CES 2015 (Full Transcript)

Okay. Now it recognizes me. Good job. And now that I am in, all these secure websites I can access with just a click. I don’t need to remember the password anymore. Couldn’t be easier. So everybody can relate to that one.

All right. Now once again we were talking about no wires before and we covered the peripherals but we left off important power chord, that’s the one everybody wants to get rid of. This table is actually equipped with wireless power charging. So a system like this, that’s similarly enabled, you can actually just put it on the table and you can actually have it wirelessly charged for you. As you can see there, I just put it down, it’s wirelessly charging. Very simple. And just to show, no wires, nothing to do – you can put down – this is my two-in-one but phones, tablets, whatever you’ve got is equipped, you just put it on the table and it will charge for you. No wires.

Brian Krzanich – CEO, Intel Corp

That’s the world I want to live in. That is a wire-free world. Thanks, Diana.

Diana: Sure.

Brian Krzanich – CEO, Intel Corp

You can imagine a world where you can charge your devices wherever you are. So I want to tell you that Intel and Marriott are collaborating to bring our no-wires vision to reality. This year you’ll be able to take advantage of wireless charging at select Marriott Hotels. In the second quarter of 2015, Marriott will offer wireless charging in various Marriott properties around the world.

We’re also working together with other global companies, Hilton, San Francisco Airport, Jaguar Land Rover, Emirates Airlines and Dupont, along with many others — along with the major computer manufacturers around the world to bring wireless charging to you.

Thanks a lot, Diana. That was great.

You saw Diana using a next-generation prototype. Clearly the demo was live as well. Everything I’ve just shown you will be available this year — WiGig, TrueKey, wireless charging.

And Computing Unleashed also brings a new immersive experience that had never been seen before. The 3D world is truly here. One of the best examples of bringing the 3D vision to reality comes from our friends at HP.

To tell you about HP’s vision for that 3D world, I’d like to invite on stage Dion Weisler, the Executive Vice President of Printing and Personal Systems, and soon, to the President and CEO of HP Inc. Thank you and welcome on stage, Dion.

Hey Dion!

Dion Weisler – EVP, Printing and Personal Systems, HP

Hey Brian!

Brian Krzanich – CEO, Intel Corp

How is it going?

Dion Weisler – EVP, Printing and Personal Systems, HP

Pretty well. How are you?

Brian Krzanich – CEO, Intel Corp

It’s great. So you guys have been building the same two-dimensional world moving to a three-dimensional world. Maybe you could just talk to us a little bit.

Dion Weisler – EVP, Printing and Personal Systems, HP

So have been pretty busy and so thank you, thank you for inviting us to be here. We’re really excited about the opportunity to share what we’ve been doing at HP. Intel and HP have really shared many, many years of a deep technology partnership and continue to deliver really, I think, incredible technologies and experiences together.

And as Brian mentioned, the two-dimensional and three-dimensional worlds are colliding. It’s the next wave in technology. And at HP, we’re focused on truly disruptive breakthrough innovation and bringing our vision of a seamless physical and digital life with what we call blended reality, all powered through Intel technology. That’s an entirely new concept and a new vision.

So let me explain a little further. You see we live in a three-dimensional physical world. We use our hands to express ourselves to communicate, to create all in three dimensions. Our earliest ancestors used their hands to create cave paintings. They used that to record and celebrate their lives, turning thought into reality in an instant.

Yet strangely, our digital lives are confined to two dimensions, creating a divide, a technology chasm, if you will, between our physical and our digital world, and that limits what’s truly possible. We’ve created bridges between these worlds like keyboards and mice but at best, they have their own limitations, filters and barriers to enable that pure expression.

But when our physical and our digital world come together, that’s when magic truly happens. And we can move from the physical world to the digital world and then back out to the physical world, all operating at the speed of thought. That’s the vision and the promise of blended reality and it’s made possible by our partnership with Intel.

Blended reality really introduces this virtuous cycle of productivity and creation where inputs like Sprout by HP and outputs like 3D printing powered by Multi Jet Fusion are seamless and intuitive.

First, let’s talk about the on-ramp and how we’re bringing the physical into the digital world to change it and manipulate it through Sprout by HP.

Brian Krzanich – CEO, Intel Corp

We have a Sprout, a sample here, how does it hold, it’s a great machine.

Dion Weisler – EVP, Printing and Personal Systems, HP

It is. And thank you for that. So I’d like you to help me, and you can kind of play around with the audience.

But Sprout really is what we call the birth of an entirely new category, that inside HP, we’re calling immersive computing. With more than 70 patents, dozens of industry first and Intel’s technology and R&D support, Sprout really redefines the user experience, allowing users to easily bring things from their physical world into the digital world. Look at how easily Brian is doing that.

So let me tell you some of the technologies that have built into and incorporated within Sprout. First, it has the Intel RealSense camera with instant capture of not only two-dimensional but three-dimensional objects. It has a 20-point touch canvas, a powerful projector, HP’s Word-based software, real-time collaboration and much more and it’s all powered by Intel’s Core i7 processor.

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