James Wildman Discusses 101 Reasons to Go Vegan Transcript

The reality is far more disturbing. 90% to 95% of the milk, the meat, and eggs that we consume in the United States are coming from these conditions. This is called factory farming. This is where you take thousands of hens, pigs, and cows and confine them into warehouses. In fact, every year in the U.S. 10 billion…Yes, 10 billion cows, pigs and chickens are being slaughtered for food. So what that works out to be is that every second in the U.S. 300 animals are killed. Just like that. So 300, 600, 900, 1200…By the time I am done talking today there’ll be over a million animals that have been slaughtered. And most of us do not even blink an eye and I mean how is it possible that in the United States of America, we can kill, we can slaughter 300 animals, every second, and not question that.

Because of the story we have been told. The story justifies the action. If you say it enough times, you actually convince yourself that’s the truth. And how many of you were told as a child you need to eat meat to get protein? I know I was.

How many of you were taught you need to drink cow’s milk to get strong bones? Not dog milk, not chimpanzee milk, not elephant milk, not rhino milk, not hippo milk, not tiger milk, not lion milk, not giraffe milk, not elephant milk, did I say that already, I think you get the point. Not even our own mother’s milk, we need to drink cow’s milk to get strong bones.

The absurdity of drinking the milk from any other species, and any other being beside our own mother, when it said enough times, loses its absurdness. So all we’re going to do today is to find out if the Matrix is telling the truth.

Our diet is natural?

Now, the first we have been taught is that our diet is natural. We eat meat, dairy and eggs, so therefore it must be natural. So let’s find out. You have two images on the wall. All right, again. Remember the Rorschach test. You have two images on the wall. I want you to tell me all the thoughts that come to mind, when you see the image on the left. Do not be afraid to scream out. Nobody is going to get sent to the Principal. What do you see?

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Fresh, yum, sweet, all right? If I came into the room with a basket of strawberries that looked just like that, organic. And I put it on a chair right here, now, what would be your thoughts? Okay, same thoughts.

What would you think if one of us got up and started chewing on the strawberries? Maybe you want to join in. If I come into the room with a basket of strawberries how many of your mouths would start to salivate? You mouth starts to water? If I take a strawberry and put it under your nose, what do you smell? If I take a knife and slice that strawberry in half and put that under your nose, now what do you smell? Strawberries –

Note that all the sensations remain the same. You see a strawberry and it looks like strawberry. You smell strawberry, and it smells like a strawberry. And you take a bite out of a strawberry and surprise, surprise, it tastes like a strawberry. Exactly, it’s a strawberry.

But, what thoughts come to mind when you see the image on the right? Cute, it’s kind of a rigged audience… you are in a vegan restaurant. But you know, when I go to a classroom, half the response, you get half of the kids, “Oh, cute, animal, pig, Wilbur, Babe.”

So half the class will see an animal and the other half of the class will see bacon, sausage, ham, pigs, rib, pork and hot dog. Those see a food. It’s one or the other. Either you’re seeing an animal, or you’re seeing food.

Now, what would happen if I took one of the pigs living, brought it into the room right here and put him right in front of you? Does that change it? Now what do we see? I mean, what would we think if one of us got up and start chewing on the pig? Not very normal.

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If I come into the room with a pig under my arm, how many of your mouth starts to salivate? All right! If I take a pig and put it under your nose, what do you smell? Smell pig. Just like if I take a dog and put it under your nose, you smell dog. A cat, you smell a cat.

If I took a knife, and I sliced that pig in half. And put that under your nose, Now what do you smell? Blood. You smell rotting corpse, bacteria, decomposing flesh. You see there is a process involved, and I am here today, to show you that process of how you convert this animal, into this product.

Why should it be kept a secret? Why should we not know what we are participating in? And what we are putting in our body? Now let’s make the situation slightly more realistic.

If I were to put a pig on this side of the room living, and a butchers knife on the side of that room, how many people would be willing to pick up the knife and take the life of that animal? It’s very rare right? And if somebody did that, that’s all right, but how many people would try to stop that person from doing it? Right. Would we try that? of course, that’s compassion. That is the greatest quality of the human race. There is no other species on this planet that has that level of compassion to extend to all living beings.

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