Jim Cathcart on How to Believe in Yourself (Full Transcript)

And then I started thinking about what he’d said and I took him seriously, an hour a day. I focused, well I thought I was kind of behind the game, so I needed two hours, and three and four and five. So I over compensated and I became fanatical about the field of human development. And in that five year period I went from being a government clerk with very little aspiration to being a full-time speaker and trainer. In two years, that was 1972, in 1974 I started buying Earl Nightingale’s training materials and selling them to businesses.

By 1984, his company was selling my training materials worldwide. They sold $3.5 million worth of one of my first audio albums. In the first two years it was out. I was blown away. His formula works, and I’ve seen it work for hundreds and even thousands of people in the many many years since that time that I’ve been sharing that massage.

Think about that. If you were to focus one – well, you here at TED audience, if you were to focus half an hour a day extra, just beyond the TED talk that you always watch, right, every day, okay, beyond that, if you were to focus half an hour of study on one field of endeavor for five consecutive years, you’d not only transform you, you’d transform the world around you. And we collectively would transform the world as we know it today.

You and I were born with the gift to make this a better place. Even if we didn’t improve, we can make the world better right now. We can encourage people, compliment people. We could solve problems, we could pick up trash, we could fix things, we could bring new ideas. But as you grow you become a bigger source for the rest of life to express itself through you. You were put here for a reason. It’s contained in that acorn. So nurture your nature, figure out first off, I am valuable, accept that. I want to know who I am and I want to know how I operate, and how can I understand me better.

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And then I want to nurture that nature. I want to apply myself in the world and put myself to work in such ways that the rest of the world says, well, that’s cool. If he or she can do it, I could probably do it. I wonder how they did it. And then we start spreading that and the ripple goes worldwide. So ask yourself every day, how would the person I’d like to be. Do the things I am about to do.

Thank you.


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