Know Your Inner Saboteurs: Shirzad Chamine (Full Transcript)

“No, Daddy, it isn’t.”

So I go down a long list of his great qualities, and he keeps saying, “No, Daddy, it isn’t.”

So at the end, I pretend great frustration, and I say, “So why is it, Kion, why do I love you so much?”

And he has learned to say, and he says, “Daddy, it’s because I am me!”

Daddy, it’s because I am me!

His beautiful true self, his Sage. What about you? What would life be like if you fully reclaimed your beautiful true self, your Sage?

What would be the gift of that to you, to your loved ones, to our world? What would become possible then?

You are a special, unique and magnificent being. It’s time for you to remember.

Thank you.

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Published by Pangambam S

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