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Lars Sudmann: Great Leadership Starts With Self-Leadership at TEDxUCLouvain (Transcript)

Self-reflection, two to five minutes and then we come to the last one, and that is self regulation. You know you’ve done your awareness; you’ve done your reflection but you still will encounter the moments. You will still encounter the meeting, the discussions that you have where people come in who promised you yes I will do everything; I will have everything ready. And they come in the room and say and let’s talk it like… let’s talk what? The report you said was ready… oh oh sorry, I don’t have this.

And all the other things, the people who challenge you think they should be on your side and you should be on the other side and so on. And all these moments that you will face as a leader, when these moments you think… stop doing this; do what I told you now. This is of course not the best leadership.

But how do we do best in that? Self regulation and one tool that has helped me enormously is what it’s called reframing. Reframing, a simple tool where you think — where you have this coming up.. I want you… you stop and ask yourself for one to two seconds.

Well on a scale from one to ten, how important is that issue right now with 10 being reading my life goals so to speak, whereas that if it’s a 10 well then you better engage really fully in it but maybe very often it’s more like a 2 or 3 and so on. And that reframing, that taking a step back can help you enormously and actually addressing the situation.

Small strategy, small things but what I would encourage you to do is think about this when you have a leadership position. Invest this time in self-awareness, self-reflection, self-regulation, and self leadership in general before you go out and lead others, because very often we hear about leadership like people want to lead others who want to do everything, why not start first leading yourself?

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I think we all did this. This will lead to leadership utopia that we can strive for. And I think we can start all by doing now and hopefully if you all start doing now and somebody asks in 10, 20 years, maybe now utopia, the question who was the best leader that you’ve ever worked with and maybe they think of you. Thank you.

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