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Learning Plant Learning: Ariel Novoplansky at TEDxJaffa (Full Transcript)

And here is the real test. In real life, not just blinking your pores, right? In real life. So this is the happy plant, which never got any exposure to stressed neighbor, and after one month it’s bone dry. As would be expected in Israeli green-house 40 °C degrees in summer. OK, this is not surprising anyone here.

But this guy, this set, got one of the roots of one of the plants exposed to drought before the experiment started, before the exposure to drought started. And one month later, this is how it looks. This is not by giving it more water. This is by the plants getting an experience, the communicative experience, of facing a neighbor that once in the past was exposed to drought, using the information, storing it somehow and using it later in life and better survive and resist drought in the future.

This is both learning and memory of brainless creatures. And this is a big lesson.

The lesson is from the humble creatures which have no brain but can learn, memorize and use the environmental information later on for better survivorship.

I want to thank the members of my lab: Dr Omer Falik, who over-viewed the process and most of the experiments, Ishay Hoffman, Yonat Mordoch, Daniel Ben-Natan Sion, Miri Vanunu and Oron Goldstein; and the generous financial support of the Israel Science Foundation.

Thank you very much.

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