Les Brown: You Gotta be Hungry (Full Transcript)

There are some people walk through a neighborhood and every dog in the neighborhood would bark at them. But there are some people come through and nobody is going to mess with this. You are unstoppable and because you’re unstoppable, because you’ve got power, that you haven’t even begun to use yet, you owe it to yourself to release your brakes. How many of you had the experience of pulling out of your drive when you’re mashed on accelerator and the car would just — and couldn’t move and you mash hard and it couldn’t move and then you discovered you had your emergency brakes off and then you release those emergency brakes it goes. Have you ever had that experience before? Most of us go through life without brakes on, holding back not giving all that we have, not sharing all of ourselves. Most of us go to our graves still holding on rather than releasing it.

What are some of those things that keep us from releasing it? Because of past experiences, past defeats, past pain. We look back, well it didn’t work out then. It probably won’t work out now. Many people get confused their performances with who they are. I was reading Pat Riley, the coach of the Los Angeles Lakers. But you’re going to like this quote here. After the Trailblazers had blown them out of the water and I’m sure he said this last night they asked him, how do you feel? He said tonight we were exposed for what we owe right now. You see, that if my speech tonight doesn’t work, it doesn’t mean that I’m a bad speaker. It means that what I did didn’t work tonight. And I’ve got to separate what I do from who I am.

And I’ve got another shot. See the last chapter to your life has not been written yet and it doesn’t matter about what happened yesterday. It doesn’t matter about the things that you’ve done, that you feel guilty about, if you wouldn’t do it today you’re convicting an innocent person. You’ve been reborn to a new state of consciousness. And as I say if we knew better we would do better.

And so you begin to decide, I’m not going to be denied. I remember and I was telling someone and they asked me would you repeat that again. I was interested in going into broadcasting. I’m adopted and that was my key out. I wanted to make my mama proud of me. I was very much appreciative of what she’s done for my brother and sister and I and that was my way out.

And I went over to a radio station, asked a guy that and told him that I was interested in broadcasting. He looked at me and maestro had him overalls. He said, ‘Do you have any broadcasting background’.

I said, ‘No sir, I don’t’.

‘What do you do?’

‘I cut grass’. Young ladies asked me what kind of work I do and I was working on a garbage truck. I say, ‘Well, I’m a sanitary technician’.

He said, ‘We don’t have any job for you’.

I decided that that was something that I was going to do. I decided I’m unstoppable. I’m going to go up and here, I’m going to do this. I started going to the radio station every day developing a relationship with the people that were doing what I wanted to do. And that’s what I encourage you to do. Whatever area you want to go and find people that are doing it the way you want to do it and develop a relationship with them.

When I decided to go in this area, I wrote letters to Dr Norman Vincent Peale, to Zig Ziglar, to Dennis Waitley, all of the giants in this area and I said this is something I want to do. I’ve been following your career. Would you help me? Dr Norman Vincent Peale answered my letter, did an article on me, wrote about me in the most recent book that he issued and done many broadcasts about me. I’d wanted to develop a relationship and rapport with those people that were achieving those things that I wanted to achieve. By the same token I would go to the radio station and I developed a relationship with the guys and they used me as errand boy and they needed some food or someone to go pick up the entertainers that came in the town, Temptations singing ‘My Girl’, Jerry Butler singing ‘For Your Precious Love’, Sam Cooke singing ‘Darling you send me’, I would pick up the entertainers at the airport and driving around in the disc jockeys, big Cadillacs, didn’t have any driver’s license but I was acting like a heads up.

And every day I used to go home and work on my communication skills, developing myself. It was Whitney Young, he said it’s better to be prepared for an opportunity and not have one than to have an opportunity and not be prepared. Start working in developing yourself and prepare yourself for what it is that you want because you expect to get it. And when the disc jockeys were in the control room, I would go in and watch them and develop a trust level and they would let me stay and I would watch and observe them working the controls.

When you want something out of life, don’t worry about how you’re going to get it. How is none of your business. The most difficult thing it is, is to hold the vision, is to hold the vision. So there I was at the radio station. A guy was on the air and he started to drink by the name of Rock. I was outside the window looking at him and watching — hungry and ready, saying drink Rock drink.

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