Let’s Make Connectivity Mobile – By Heading to Space: Nathan Kundtz at TEDxSeattle (Transcript)

When we started the talk, I asked you how you’d feel about giving up your phone, and I wasn’t trying to create additional stress for you today, although a lot of you thought that would be a good idea, so … I was really just trying to highlight how important those have become to our daily lives — and that the use of our phone faces some important challenges not only in coverage, but also in the capacity that we have available. And it’s increasingly competing. In fact, I’ve mentioned this “30 billion devices” — that’s not just phones but that’s household appliances and infrastructure that need those networks that are increasingly competing for that capacity. This is a wonderful thing for us. This is going to improve our lives just like our phones have.

But in order to really make it work, we’ve got to have more. We’ve got to have more coverage we’ve got to have more capacity, we need more capability in our mobile networks. And with the right tools, we can get that from space. Thank you.

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