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Living with ADHD in the Age of Information & Social Media: Theo Siggelakis (Transcript)

Anyway, let me resume where we’re at. So what has happened in society is we have two categories of people with ADHD; we have people like me, I’ve adolescent ADHD. I’ve had it since I was three, you can ask my mom right here. God bless her.

And then you got type two. It’s adult onset you know, it comes from using the Internet. So I categorized it kind of in the same way as diabetes; it’s one you’re born with, but then, there’s one that comes with the environment.

Difference between ADHD and diabetes other than the pancreas and stuff like that, is the fact that there’s an advantage to being type one. Yes, there’s an advantage. There’re two distinct advantages that set me up better to handle the internet than people without ADHD that just acquire it.

One trait is hyper-focus. While I’m interested in something, I can give it 150%. The rest of the world is stuck at 100; they’re like I’m doing my best, and I’m like: I’m doing my best.

And I’m up all night, and I’m like an encyclopedia about it in about a week. You know, the other thing is that I’m not overburdened by the internet; I’m not overwhelmed. I’ve a discriminatory focus, I know exactly what I want, I don’t focus on anything else. And that’s why you know when I’m doing something I love, it’s not a problem. I’m 150%.

If I have to do work for like my science teacher in science class, it may take me all day. You know, but the other thing, we have another advantage is peripheral focus. Yes. So when we’re in this zone, we don’t see the essential that everybody else normally focuses on. We see a side detail and what happens is we’re able to create a new essential. This is what makes the great entrepreneurs, especially in the technological field. A good example of this is David Neeleman.

I don’t know if you all know who David Neeleman is – as indicated by the picture, he’s the CEO of JetBlue. He created the e-ticket – exactly how most of you got here today through an e-ticket. He credits his ADHD for his success: “One of the weird things about the ADHD I have is, if you’re really passionate about something, then you were really good at focusing on that thing. It’s kinda bizarre that you can’t pay the bills, you can’t do mundane tasks, but you can do your hyper-focus area.”

The Internet is built for people like us, so remember next time you run into somebody who’s a little overzealous, talks a little too much, has some inattention, don’t look down at them, he might be your next boss.

Thank you.

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