Luis Vargas: Travel More & Buy Less at TEDxPortland (Transcript)

So whether you’re in your 20s and taking a gap year, in your 30s working to take a month off a sabbatical in your 40s, looking towards a retirement and perhaps living abroad, there is never a bad time. And it’s no judgement and no competition on the level of epic or the length of time, because what’s adventure to me and to you and to you are all different things.

Ultimately the idea here is to travel more and to buy less. Say no gentlemen to that man cave of your dreams. Say no.

And ladies, the she shed — the she shed, it’s not that sexy; say no, and say yes to a transformative travel experience. This is not about checking things off a list; it’s about having meaningful experiences.

So now I want all of us to make a promise and in your mind’s eye picture a place that you have always wanted to visit, picture it clearly. What do you see? Who are you with? What do you hear? What do you smell? What’s the temperature of the breeze that’s hitting your cheek? Can you picture this place that you’ve always dreamed of going?

Now make a promise that this year or next year as soon as you can, you will stand in this moment and you will be there. Now raise your hand, who’s in? Who’s in?

Thank you.


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