Maf Lewis & Rome Viharo on Google Consciousness at TEDxCARDIFF (Transcript)

Maf Lewis: If this is what the metaphor of Google Consciousness represents to us. And it’s really what we’d like to present to you. We think this is an idea whose time has actually come.

Rome Viharo: And we think that it’s actually going to be easier to adapt to this than you think. Facebook has grown to 350 million users in a few years, and we’re already connected to many people that we would want to connect to, to perform such a historical operation. And, actually, even in the heart of the Amazon jungle you can now find Guillermo Arevalo, master ayahuascero, on Facebook. Thank you. So, anyway, we would like to thank you for allowing us to present the meme and the viral Google Consciousness. Thank you very much.

Maf Lewis: Thank you very much.


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By Pangambam S

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