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Managing for Happiness: Jurgen Appelo at TEDxLille (Full Transcript)

I do not manage the people. And the system is designed to increase the chance of happiness. More happiness means more playfulness, more playfulness, more experiments, more experiments, more learning, more learning, more innovation. And hopefully more meaningful products and services. The same seven silver bullets are applied by other manages in the world. They invite people to get to know each other better with personal maps in a playful manner. They play games in a colorful way to explore intrinsic motivation. They visualize experiments and failures to value the learning in the company. Or they emphasize thankfulness and appreciation in the company, to create an environment where it feels safe to innovate.

Last year, one team member, Jennifer, said something interesting to me, she said: “Jurgen, you’re my first manager who doesn’t suck”. I had to think about that for a moment and I decided it was probably a compliment. 20 years ago I was a terrible manager but now I don’t suck anymore. It will probably take me another 20 years to be actually any good. I have no idea what you are all planning to do for people and planet. But I hope that I can offer something to you, which is: realize your ideas with more purposeful organizations. That means: use the seven silver bullets. If you want to end up with innovative management and meaningful products, start by managing the system for happiness. I just hope that you are all faster learners than I was. Thank you.

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