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Marina Abramović: An Art Made of Trust, Vulnerability and Connection at TED Talks (Transcript)

And this is to experience a kind of simple method, how you go back to simplicity in your own life. Counting rice will be another thing. You know, if you count rice you can make life, too. How to count rice for six hours? It’s incredibly important. You know, you go through this whole range of being bored, being angry, being completely frustrated, not finishing the amount of rice you’re counting.

And then this unbelievable amount of peace you get when satisfying work is finished — or counting sand in the desert. Or having the sound-isolated situation — that you have headphones, that you don’t hear anything, and you’re just there together without sound, with the people experiencing silence, just the simple silence.

We are always doing things we like in our life. And this is why you’re not changing. You do things in life — it’s just nothing happens if you always do things the same way.

But my method is to do things I’m afraid of, the things I fear, the things I don’t know, to go to territory that nobody’s ever been. And then also to include the failure. I think failure is important because if you go, if you experiment, you can fail. If you don’t go into that area and you don’t fail, you are actually repeating yourself over and over again.

And I think that human beings right now need a change, and the only change to be made is a personal level change.

You have to make the change on yourself. Because the only way to change consciousness and to change the world around us, is to start with yourself. It’s so easy to criticize how it’s different, the things in the world and they’re not right, and the governments are corrupted and there’s hunger in the world and there’s wars — the killing.

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But what we do on the personal level — what is our contribution to this whole thing? Can you turn to your neighbor, the one you don’t know, and look at them for two full minutes in their eyes, right now? I’m asking two minutes of your time, that’s so little. Breathe slowly, don’t try to blink, don’t be self-conscious.

Be relaxed. And just look a complete stranger in your eyes, in his eyes. Thank you for trusting me.

Chris Anderson: Thank you. Thank you so much.

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