Mastery – How to Learn Anything Fast by Nishant Kasibhatla (Transcript)

The numbers are, 7717

Audience:  No

OK, I messed up. Let’s start again.

So it’s 7771204867320-307-73198225

Audience:  Stop

OK, wait, it’s 8, 2… After that should be it’s 95162534.

OK, so what’s the time right now? So what’s the time right now?

Audience:  8:45

Sometimes 8:45 is not the right time for me. I missed one or two digits.

All right, so what you’re seeing is a demonstration of what anyone can do. Now that’s just a thirty digit number. We’ll come back to that. Some of you are wondering, you know how I memorize these numbers, I’ll go back to explain to you how I did it.

Now one of my records is I memorized a number consisting of 1944 digits; it looks something like that.

I memorized a deck of playing cards in less than two minutes. I also memorized a deck of seven decks of playing cards in 60 minutes. So for those of you who are thinking of taking me to the casino, I’m available. Or you can talk about the negotiation later on.

And also I became a grandmaster of memory many years ago and also broke a Guinness record in memorizing the longest sequence of colours.

Now, it is true that I broke a Guinness record in memory. It’s also true that many years ago, I used to hold a world record in forgetting. It’s not official; if you ask my mom and dad, they’ll tell you I had a lousy memory.

In fact, I still remember one of those days when I was 15 years old, my mom asked me to buy something from the shop. I got onto my bicycle, went to the shop, parked to my bicycle, went into the shop, and as I was going into the shop, I totally forgot I went there on a bicycle.

I walked out of the shop and started walking back home. The most embarrassing thing was I realized I left my bicycle only the next day. For those of you wondering what happened to the bicycle, well, you guessed it, I lost it.

So I had a lousy memory. I went from a person with a lousy memory to breaking a Guinness record. And the good news is, anyone can train their memory. Anyone can become a fast learner because today, I’m going to show you my formula of how you can learn anything and master anything in a fun, easy manner.

So I want to show you some pictures on the screen as… and these are some famous people.

So who is this?

Audience: Bill Gates

OK, thank you.

Who’s that?

Audience:  Warren Buffett

Thank you very much, and who’s this?

Audience: Elon Musk

And then who is this?

Audience:  Oprah

Oprah Winfrey. Let’s have a quick interaction here. Can you please find a partner? The person sitting next to you by default becomes a partner; groups of two or three is fine. I’ll give you 10 seconds and your exercise is very simple. Can you please turn to your partner and tell him or her, what is common among all these people? Your 10 seconds starts now. Go ahead.

OK, thank you very much. That’s about 10 seconds time. Thank you very much. Can I have some answers please? Shout out loud. What is common?

Audience:  Billionaires

Billionaires. Thank you for that.

Audience: Rich.

Of course they’re rich, they’re billionaires. What else? Come on.

Audience: Americans

Americans, are they? Oh, so next time I should change that. Thanks for pointing it, next.

Audience: Celebrities

Celebrities. What else?

Audience:  Inspiration

Inspiration That’s true.

Now, can I also say that all these people are masters at their game? Do you agree with that? Well, that they’re masters at their game.

When I was a teenager growing up, when I used to read or hear about successful people and their extraordinary achievements, I always used to be fascinated by their stories, and I always used to wonder, you know, what is it that makes these people very, very successful?

Now I’m talking about way back 1990s. And those days there was no internet. And if you wanted to do research in 1990, what do you do? You go to the library, that’s exactly what I did.

I went to the library, I fell in love with reading books, and I used to read hours and hours. And finally, when I started reading a lot of these books, I found out the secret of success. Like most of you, say they’re all rich and billionaires.

But then most of the common things like you know, they’re passionate. All successful people, they are passionate, they have clear goals. They have a good purpose. They are hardworking. They’re committed. They’re confident.

But one thing that many people miss out is they all have committed to lifelong learning. You name any person who has achieved extraordinary levels of success, I can tell you that that person has committed to lifelong learning. They keep on learning new things on a regular basis.

Like Oliver Wendell Holmes said a long time ago:

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